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Leverage 30 years of consumer name and address history for identity verification and advanced analytics

By understanding a full history of your consumers, including name, maiden name, aliases, address history and more, you will be able to confidently build verification tools to mitigate risk and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Infutor’s Total Consumer ID enables you to see a complete historical profile of your consumers to build authentication tools, link CRM identity data, and complete analytics and data modeling initiatives. Available as an on-premise data license, you have full control to host and access our 30+ year file of names and address history on-site, with ongoing updates provided on a scheduled basis.

With the growth of online media and ways a consumer’s identity is authenticated, it is more important than ever to protect your business and know your customers.

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Infutor’s Total Consumer ID Enables You to Execute:

  • Enterprise Data Linking: Improve identity links between disparate enterprise data silos to reduce duplicates. With names, maiden names, aliases, current address, and address history all linked to a single persistent ID, you’ll be able to link and create a true 360˚ consumer profile
  • Authentication and Verification: Create proprietary consumer verification tools to provide more value to your customers or to improve your internal identity validation protocols. With social security information, date of birth, date of death and address history, you’ll power your identity authentication tools and significantly improve fraud prevention initiatives
  • Analytics and Modeling: Provide your data science team with a rich, historical foundation of consumer identity data to create advanced analytics and data models to power strategic marketing and fraud prevention initiatives
  • Ongoing CRM and Identity Graph Optimization and Maintenance: Leverage ongoing consumer changes within Total Consumer ID to power your data cleansing and hygiene initiatives. Continually update and enhance your CRM or Identity Graph with the rich data from Total Consumer ID to ensure you have the most updated consumer information available
  • Research: Power your research initiatives in a number of research areas including Business Economics, Urban Affairs, Public Policy, Social Sciences and more. Our consumer address history enables researchers to detect powerful patterns in consumer migration and household clusters as well as socio-economic patterns and population clusters

The advantage of Infutor’s Total Consumer ID

  • How it’s built: Infutor’s Total Consumer ID is a large database of consumer identities with address history, social security information, date of birth and deceased indicators, built from hundreds of non-GLB data and non-FCRA encumbered sources
  • Persistent Identification: All individual records contain a Persistent ID (PID), easily identifying a single individual over the course of 30+ years, name changes, aliases, and address changes
  • Identity Graph Foundation: Total Consumer ID is the foundation of our Identity Graph, consisting of over 255 million multi-sourced individuals with 97.5 million daily updates
  • Universe: Total Consumer ID consists of over 375 million consumer records, linked with nearly 1 billion current and historical addresses and name changes. Spanning over 30 years of consumer history, Total Consumer ID is built from hundreds of verifiable public and proprietary sources

Sources include:

  • Telephone connects and disconnects
  • Social Security information
  • Real estate deed
  • Property data
  • Public voter registration records
  • Point of sale transactions
  • Mover-reported address changes
  • Automotive sales and service data
  • Surveys and interest inquiries
  • Professional registries
  • Publication and club subscription data
  • …and numerous other high confidence public and proprietary sources

Key Address History Elements:

  • Name
  • Aliases
  • Addresses (up to 10 previous)
  • SSN (restricted)
  • Date of birth
  • Persistent ID (PID) for linking
  • Gender
  • Deceased indicator
  • Household ID (HHID) for household linking

Learn how Infutor’s Total Consumer ID enables enterprises to build authentication tools, link CRM identity data, and complete analytics and data modeling initiatives

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