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The industry’s largest and most accurate collection of phone numbers and intelligence

A consumer’s phone number is a valuable identity marker that can enable you to tie together a complete consumer profile, including name, address, additional phone numbers, email addresses, and profile attributes such as demographics, psychographics and behaviors.

This information becomes a key identifier that enables you to more quickly authenticate a customer, link them to a known profile, and effectively route high value leads to the right agent, improving engagement and conversions.

Infutor’s Total Phone ID is the most comprehensive collection of telephone numbers in the industry.

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Authoritative Sources

Our authoritative public and proprietary sources link phone numbers to consumers, enabling you to quickly and accurately identify and verify a consumer’s identity. Infutor’s multi-industry sourcing strategy and identity analytics process transform millions of daily signals into reliable phone-centric identities that are easily integrated into your product or service offerings.

Total Phone ID data is available as an on-premise data license, giving you full control to host and access our phone numbers on-site, with ongoing updates provided on a scheduled basis.

Infutor’s Phone Numbers Enable You to:

  • Link consumer records to a single profile to enable identity resolution: Phone numbers are key consumer identity markers that enable powerful CRM linking to consolidate and resolve consumer identities. Identity resolution drives personalized and segmented omnichannel marketing to improve engagement and conversions
  • Identify and verify inbound consumers: Increase engagement, prioritize high quality leads, and improve conversions by instantly identifying and scoring inbound leads
  • Build proprietary products and services for marketers and call centers: Leverage the intelligence of our phone numbers as part of your product and service offering to provide significant lift in identifying consumers, driving more value to your enterprise customers
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The advantage of Infutor’s Phone Numbers

  • Total Phone ID provides 550M phone numbers linked to a consumer or business name and includes landline, wireless, VoIP, private and business numbers
  • Our process: Our phone numbers are multi-sourced and built through a proprietary analytics process. Infutor processes 97.5 million data signals per day, compiling and standardizing phone numbers from numerous authoritative sources. Each record is validated, verified and corroborated to ensure the widest, most accurate coverage
  • Accuracy: Each of Infutor’s data sources are vetted to ensure they are authoritative, giving you confidence in the accuracy of the information

Key Phone Data Elements:

Core Identity Markers

  • Phone Number
  • Residential or Business
  • Name or Business Name
  • Address
  • Address Type


  • Phone Type (wireless, landline, VoIP, public, private)
  • Telco Provider
  • First Seen
  • Confidence Score (provides latest verification date information)
  • Last Seen
  • Last Validated

Additional Features

  • Flexible licensing terms with ability to integrate all phone identities into your product or service without the need for real-time integrations (which are also available)
  • Delivered through secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)

Learn how Infutor’s Total Phone ID drives identity resolution, inbound identity completion and marketing analytics

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