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Test, Innovate and Scale with
Infutor Data Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all data solution. Infutor’s client base of medium-sized to Fortune 5000 companies utilize huge amounts of consumer identity data across their entire enterprise. However, growing businesses and startups with limited budgets need access to consumer identity data in real-time on a smaller scale in order to remain competitive. To help startups truly understand their customers and empower brands to test innovative new products, Infutor offers a selection of solutions via the self-serve Test Drive platform.

Infutor’s real-time Test Drive is ideal for those businesses that:

  • Have lower volumes but still need the best real-time data solutions to remain competitive
  • Are looking to test new solutions for a proof of concept for enterprise initiatives
  • Need time to ramp up volumes while integrating the newest API solutions
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Affordable Access, No Commitment

With Test Drive, you’ll get affordable access to robust data solutions from the expert in consumer identity management ⁠— without an annual commitment. In just a matter of hours you’ll be up-and-running, unlocking new consumer insights to drive marketing campaigns. Infutor’s Test Drive community enables brands to achieve identity resolution and make an immediate impact on inbound and outbound marketing initiatives.

Register for a free account today to view the solutions available via Test Drive that fuel strategic initiatives, including identity verification, completion and enrichment.

Need higher volumes of data? Contact us to learn how Infutor’s entire lineup of solutions blend identity, attribute, and intelligence data to empower organizations of any size to exceed their goals.

See how easy it is for your growing business to implement on-demand solutions that keep pace with today’s real-time consumers


Gain confidence in your consumer data by evaluating incoming contact points against our TrueSource™ Identity Graph.

Verify and Score Leads


Return missing or incomplete contact data points to ensure you reach prospects across all channels.

Complete Your Leads

Email Data

Provide a name and address and return an email or provide a consumer’s email and receive a name and physical address data and attributes.

Enhance Email Data

Phone Data

Provide a name and address to return one or multiple phone numbers, or provide a phone number and return the owner’s name, address and attributes.

Connect Through Phone Data

Consumer Demographic Appends

Consumer demographic data appends help you understand what motivates your audience, so you can effectively engage them.

Understand Your Consumers

Property Data

With only an address, Infutor’s Property Data Appends provide marketers with a 360-degree view of a property and its owner.

Build Better Marketing

Is your enterprise-level company ready to integrate larger volumes of data?

Contact us to learn more about how our entire lineup of solutions can help

Take Infutor’s unmatched consumer identity data for a spin with the Test Drive platform

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