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Our powerful data solutions, in real-time, help you
know your consumers

Learn critical details about your target audiences to optimize every engagement and create a great customer experience across your entire enterprise

Speak to Your Audience, No Matter
Who It Is or Where They Are

Our unique solutions are specifically built to transform inbound engagements, marketing campaigns and data modeling in any industry. The nation’s top professionals leverage us to fill in key data and intelligence to improve acquisition, reach, retention, conversions, and ROI.

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Our Data is Unmatched

We’ve mastered the blend of identity, attribute, and intelligence data combined with powerful on-demand technology. And we deliver accurate consumer identity insights to brands in real time. Our vast linked identity graph combined with our in-house expertise uniquely positions us as the data-driven consumer identity intelligence provider that empowers any organization to exceed its goals.

Infutor is powered by our TrueSource™ Identity Graph that provides the industry’s most accurate and extensive consumer identity information. Our partners leverage our identity graph to verify, complete, enrich, link and maintain their consumer identities, creating a powerful, single consumer profile.


Our expansive data network leverages 97.5 million daily updates on over 260 million consumers across our master identity graph


Using as little as a single consumer identifier, we deliver complete identity profiles, scores and attributes on-demand


We have decades of historical identity assets built upon a unique combination of internal and network referential data sources

Why Our Clients Trust Us

Infutor is laser focused on consumer identity management and resolution - earning the trust of the nation’s leading marketers, product development and analytics teams. We have an unparalleled breadth of data, intelligence, and solutions combined with a reputation for security, compliance, privacy and transparency. This has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

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