Our Privacy Promise

Infutor consistently provides the industry’s most accurate data, aggregated and validated through a series of rigorous processes. We use only information acquired permissibly from reliable sources, and we comply with all applicable federal and state data privacy laws.

For more information on the types of data we obtain and how that data is used, our full privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy

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Infutor respects your right to privacy

Opting Out

Along with respecting your privacy, Infutor respects your right to opt out of receiving marketing messages from businesses.

Infutor is not a credit reporting agency. Infutor’s information is not used for, or intended to be used for, credit granting decisions. Infutor gathers and manages data from diverse sources, capturing basic, permissible demographic information including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other consumer-related data.

As part of Infutor’s business, Infutor permissibly provides consumer information to other businesses for their legal usage. Those businesses likely have multiple data providers. If you choose to Opt-Out here, Infutor will no longer provide your information to those businesses. However, it is possible that other, non-Infutor data sources may continue to provide the same, or similar information.

We encourage you to explore your Opt-Out and data suppression options with the Credit Bureaus, as well as other prominent Consumer Data management companies to ensure that you are identifying all of the avenues to meet your personal data management goals.

Additional questions or comments can be emailed to Compliance@Infutor.com

To achieve a complete Opt-Out through Infutor, please click here:

Infutor Privacy and
Data Opt-Out Portal