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The best data cleansing tools to Cleanse, Link and Optimize CRM Data

Infutor’s CRM FreshLink goes far beyond the typical customer relationship management data cleansing or data hygiene solution. In addition to updating, linking and de-duplicating consumer data, CRM FreshLink provides an unprecedented combination of identity completion, add-on attributes and intelligence. Unlock powerful new insights and capabilities, while enabling multi-channel targeting, personalization, and segmentation of your consumers.

Within 12 months, 30% of your CRM data will be out of date

How Does CRM FreshLink Drastically Improve Your Data Quality?

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Calculate the Costs of Data Breakage

Between lost revenue and marketing waste, the costs of data breakage are significant. We’ve created an ROI calculator to instantly determine how much poor data hygiene might be costing your organization.

Calculate your costs now

What is Data Hygiene?

Having proper data hygiene means your consumer identity data is clean, standardized, free of errors and all entries for a single consumer are linked, it ensures that consumers will have the best possible experience, leading to improved customer retention. However, your CRM data might be holding you back. When data is inaccurate or “broken,” there’s a high risk of alienating consumers with irrelevant communications or wasted time and resources associated with calling the wrong number or sending emails that bounce.

There are many causes of data breakage within a CRM — from the ingestion of inaccurate data and losses during data transfers between systems to silos existing across multiple databases. But one of the most common causes of data breakage is decay. Consumer data isn’t evergreen. Names, phone numbers, emails, and physical addresses can change at any moment, leaving your CRM with outdated information.

Why You Need Data Cleansing:
Decay by the Numbers

Costs associated with data decay can be staggering. This can include product returns, misaddressed invoices, wasted marketing impressions, reduced loyalty, sales downtime, and immeasurable time spent manually hunting, correcting and linking bad data.

The rate of churn in consumer data is an ongoing obstacle in ensuring marketing and customer retention success. Within 12 months, at least 30% of CRM data is outdated. This creates an enormous need to refresh and update data on a continual basis.

Phone Numbers 50M
changes per

Addresses 36M
changes per

Emails 40%
change per

Marketers need a complete data cleansing, data hygiene and linking solution that keeps CRM data accurate while empowering intelligence and analytics

Reach Your Customers in New Channels

Having only partial identity profiles for your customers limits your ability to fully engage them and diminishes the experience you are able to provide. Infutor’s CRM FreshLink appends identity signals from our industry leading TrueSource™ Identity Graph empowering you with data enrichment to activate new channels to engage all of your customers.

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Enhanced CRM Data Hygiene.
Beginning to End.

Infutor’s CRM FreshLink was built from the ground up to revolutionize CRM data cleansing and linking. Fueled by Infutor’s TrueSource™ Identity Graph of 266 million consumers and unparalleled intelligence, CRM FreshLink goes beyond simply maintaining consumer data. With this powerful subscription service, your CRM will benefit from new consumer insights that unlock personalization and segmentation capabilities previously not possible.

  • Data cleansing is the critical first step to building an accurate CRM foundation. The comprehensive CRM FreshLink data hygiene process features robust standardization, normalization and data/address correction processes.
  • Linking assigns a unique identifier to every individual and household, creating a single, persistent, authoritative identity record and enabling the consolidation of duplicate records across data silos to drive improved marketing effectiveness and accurate reporting.
  • Input scoring evaluates each incoming contact point against our identity graph and provides a score on how accurately it applies to that individual as well as linkages between components — such as name to address or name to phone number.
  • Complete the identity of individuals by returning missing or incomplete contact data points such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses.
  • Demographic attributes enable personalization via a variety of data points such as gender, age, income, marital status, presence of children, home market value, median home value, median year built, wealth score, and more.
  • Enhance marketing campaigns with premium add-ons such as Automotive Data, Property Data, GeoCredit Scores, Mobile Advertising IDs, and Connex Segmentation Clusters that drill down to the household level to ensure you’re engaging your best current and prospective customers at the right time and in the right channels.

The bottom line:
You’ll have the peace of mind that your CRM data is accurate, up-to-date and providing insights and intelligence that only Infutor can provide.

Why CRM FreshLink is the Leading CRM Data Cleansing Solution:

  • Even as consumers’ lifestyles evolve and their needs and life stages change, CRM FreshLink’s ongoing updates ensure data remains up-to-date versus “one-and-done” programs that promote data decay.
  • Infutor’s industry-leading TrueSource™ Identity Graph matches and resolves consumer identities, while each record is tied to a persistent ID to improve linking, reduce marketing costs and empower omnichannel messaging.
  • Unmatched deterministic identity data derived from authoritative data sources coupled with Connex Segmentation intelligence allows you to refresh, complete, and segment audiences to focus on your best-performing consumers and lookalikes.
  • The most comprehensive solution for data cleansing that goes well beyond standard data hygiene processes. You’ll receive the richest, most complete identities (name, physical address, landline and mobile phones, or email addresses) and lifestyle attributes of your consumers (hobbies, pet ownership, travel preferences, and much more) through data enrichment and enhancement.
  • Enhanced customer experience with a dedicated and flexible customer success team to expertly manage your account from the start.
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Cost of data breakage infographic

When Poor Data Hygiene Breaks the Bank

CRM data isn’t evergreen. The number of records grows, and the accuracy of data in a given CRM will decay — and do so quickly. What does all of this mean? It shows that data breakage could be breaking the bank for your organization. Determining the cost of broken data is complicated, however, it can be done with careful calculation of key metrics. We’ve put together an illustrated guide to show just how costly poor data quality can be.

Download the guide

Learn how CRM FreshLink will help you maintain and maximize your CRM for better data hygiene, marketing effectiveness, engagement, and personalization

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