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Securely Link Devices, Onboard Audiences, Personalize Messaging, Extend Digital Reach

Programmatic mobile spending is at an all time high, with tens of billions spent on mobile ads. A staggering 97% of those ads are delivered in-app as consumers spend a vast majority of their mobile device time — whether iOS or Android — utilizing apps. Marketers are continuously trying to improve digital reach in this growing digital channel, while personalizing messaging to high propensity consumers in a landscape where interactions are anonymous and come from multiple devices per consumer.

Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs), hashed email addresses, and IP addresses serve as these anonymous consumer identifiers for an added layer of security for app users. This creates a challenge for digital marketers who need to identify the unique online and offline attributes and lifestyle traits that characterize these anonymous consumers. When armed with this data, brands can effectively target their digital consumers at scale, segment their audiences, and tailor communications in the growing digital space.

To help drive these efforts, Infutor now offers a MAIDs, hashed email, and IP address-based Digital Solutions Suite to marketers seeking to achieve higher conversion rates and ROI while prioritizing the protection of consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Our Digital Solutions Suite also adds multiple email addresses to improve the quality of reach to marketers’ target audiences.

An increasingly anonymized digital world demands a new set of tools for consumer engagement

How do Infutor’s Digital Solutions Improve Your Digital Reach and Segmentation?

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Digital Marketing Data:

Available via real-time API or batch, Infutor’s Digital Solutions Suite tie anonymous MAIDs, hashed email addresses (SHA-1, SHA-2, MD-5), and IP addresses to rich profile attributes based on our TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph. Our unmatched TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph features 495+ million MAIDs, 200 million IP addresses, and over 3.5 billion MAID/Hashed Email/IP Address pairings for expanded reach, onboarding offline PII to online, device linking and digital personalization.

This data will power your targeting, digital segmentation efforts, and personalized offers while keeping consumers’ PII secure. Infutor’s digital and offline consumer profiles are built from hundreds of proprietary and public data sources, giving you the most deterministic and authoritative consumer data attributes to drive your marketing.

Infutor Digital Suite also includes the addition of up to 10 email addresses per consumer identity, so you can maximize matching for social and digital display marketing campaigns.

Infutor’s Digital Solutions Include:

  • Digital Onboarding digitizes audiences within a safe harbor environment that eliminates the need for you to upload PII to your DSP and deployment partners. Infutor’s on-demand API returns privacy-compliant digital and mobile identities in less than a second, enabling you to extend your reach and drive personalized messaging to customers at critical points in the purchase process.
  • Digital Crosswalk uses digital identities such as hashed emails, MAIDs, or IP addresses to provide a suite of additional digital identifiers linked to that same consumer. Cross-device linking at the individual and household level ensures minimal duplication to maximize ad efficiencies and facilitate retargeting efforts. This solution also powers increased marketing reach and segmentation by adding multiple MAIDs, hashed emails, IP addresses and demographics per digital identity to enhance digital onboarding match rates and improve omnichannel personalization.
  • Digital Personalization enables you to use anonymous digital identities to optimize online marketing with essential offline attributes such as age, wealth indicators, and gender. Optimize and segment audiences in a privacy compliant and anonymous way to drive personalized digital offers.
  • ReachSmart Digital ID helps you achieve the optimal mix of quality and quantity for custom 1st party customer and prospect outreach. Instantly add multiple email addresses and hashed email data to your own best consumer and prospect records — improving digital match rates, eliminating wasteful spending and driving up digital ROI.
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Key advantages:

  • Infutor’s industry leading TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph of 495+ million MAIDs, 200 million IP addresses, and over 3.5 billion MAID, hashed email (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256), and IP address pairings (roughly 1 billion emails) allows us to match and resolve digital consumer identities, enabling you to maximize digital reach
  • Key deterministic offline attributes from the TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph drive actionable intelligence and analytics for segmentation and personalization
  • Infutor empowers true omnichannel marketing by providing data that customers can use across all digital and social platforms enabling a seamless user experience across all devices
  • On-demand API offers real-time functionality, enabling brands to reach consumers at critical points in their purchase process
  • Digital Solutions provide a Safe Harbor to marketers and platforms by digitizing audiences, eliminating the need to ingest PII into their platform
  • Add up to 10 email addresses per consumer identity

See how Infutor’s MAIDs, email, and hashed email-based Digital Solutions Suite can significantly extend your marketing reach

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