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Link Multiple Mobile Devices to a Consumer or Household to Drive Omnichannel Marketing

The number of digital devices has increased exponentially in the past decade, with hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets actively in use in the U.S. According to a Deloitte report, the average U.S. household has 25 connected devices.

The number of mobile devices within a single household has fundamentally changed consumers’ browsing and shopping habits as well as the way brands must reach them. Marketers must find a way to create a seamless experience from device-to-device to provide a consistent brand experience.

Leading digital marketers have turned to cross-device linking — identifying all of the devices associated with an individual or household — to provide a single, consistent omnichannel message to the same consumer. By linking as many mobile devices as possible, marketers ensure minimal duplication to maximize ad efficiencies and facilitate retargeting efforts.

Reach a single user on multiple digital devices for more cohesive messaging

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Link Mobile Devices, Increase Marketing Efficiency

Infutor’s Digital Crosswalk solution uses anonymous digital identities such as hashed emails, IP addresses, or MAIDs to provide additional digital identifiers linked to the same consumer. By cross-device linking at the individual and household level, you’ll ensure minimal ad duplication to maximize efficiencies for increased ROI. Digital Crosswalk’s cross-device linking also facilitates retargeting efforts so you can build consistent messaging from one mobile device to another.

Digital Crosswalk also powers increased marketing reach and segmentation by adding multiple MAIDs, hashed emails, demographics, and Connex Segmentation Clusters. More identity markers and consumer data for digital identities lead to better digital onboarding match rates and improved personalization.

Key advantages:

  • Infutor’s industry-leading TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph of 495+ million MAIDs, 200 million resting IP addresses, and roughly 1 billion hashed emails (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256) with over 3.5 billion MAID / hashed email / IP address pairings allows us to match and resolve anonymous digital consumer identities, enabling you to maximize digital reach
  • Key deterministic offline attributes (age, home ownership, automobile attributes, wealth indicators, marital status, gender and more) from the TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph drive actionable intelligence and analytics for segmentation and personalization
  • Infutor empowers true omnichannel marketing by providing data that customers can use across all digital and social platforms enabling a seamless user experience across all devices
  • On-demand API offers real-time functionality, enabling brands to reach consumers at critical points in their purchase process. View our API documentation to see how easy you can begin your integration
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Link Your Consumers’ Devices to Drive More Consistent Marketing Messaging

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