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Identity Resolution Unlocks a Complete 360-degree View of Consumers

Consumers make decisions in the blink of an eye — and marketers face the challenge of recognizing who they are and delivering personalized messaging at the same clip. To identify and convert these customers at the necessary speed, leading marketers have turned their sights to identity resolution.

Consumer identity data is comprised of attributes and intelligence that serve as dots that marketers can connect to gain a holistic view of each prospect or customer identity. Identity resolution is the completed picture of consumers. It empowers marketers to instantly provide the customer experience that’s expected at every stage of the buyer’s journey across all channels.

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How Does Identity Resolution Work?
It Brings Consumers Into Focus

Identity resolution is the process of linking all interactions, identity data, attributes and even predictive segmentation to a single consumer. Infutor links all elements relating to an individual consumer in its TrueSource™ Identity Graph. This includes names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, mobile ad IDs, hashed emails, transactions.

This TrueSource™ Identity Graph provides the foundation, integrating consumer identifiers across channels and devices.

With identity resolution, marketers will get a complete 360-degree view of their consumers by unifying online and offline data

Why Your Brand Needs Identity Resolution

Through identity resolution, marketers can deliver the right message, at the right time to consumers. Moving at the speed of the customer is essential for brands – the time between a prospect signaling interest and making a purchase or going to a competitor can happen in only minutes.

Organizations of all types recognize the importance of identity resolution — startups, AdTech and MarTech firms, major brands, lead generators, financial services and lending firms, higher education institutions, nonprofits and more. These organizations leverage identity resolution to increase ROI and customer satisfaction across their entire enterprise.

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Where Identity Resolution is Essential

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Identity resolution enables vast improvement of a CRM’s first-party data. This includes data cleansing and data hygiene, linking siloed data, deduplication of records, and optimization of customer identity markers for expanded omnichannel reach and customer retention.
  • Inbound marketing: Brands leverage real-time inbound identity resolution to deliver consistent and compelling messages and engagements in real-time as customers raise their hands and interact with a brand.
  • Outbound activation: Real-time identity resolution enables brands to control the outbound message, market to the customer in the moment through the right channels, expand outbound reach and reduce ad waste.
  • Analytics: With a foundational identity graph and identity resolution solution, data scientists and marketers can integrate advanced analytical modelling. Through this, they can uncover new insights that will drive sales, reduce costs and improve customer lifetime value.

How Does Identity Resolution Work?

Identity resolution is an essential and ongoing process. The rate of decay in consumer data remains an obstacle for marketers and brands — within 12 months, at least 30% of CRM data is outdated. With Infutor’s unmatched consumer identity data, any organization can ensure that its efforts are ongoing and continue to increase marketing ROI and customer satisfaction.

  • TrueSource™ Identity Graph:

    What is an identity graph? It should provide the most authoritative, accurate and comprehensive consumer identity information possible. Containing data on 266 million consumers, our TrueSource™ Identity Graph receives an average of 97.5 million daily updates to continually validate and update information. Leverage our identity graph to link, verify, enrich and maintain consumer identities, and create a single consumer profile to drive real-time identity resolution.

  • TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph:

    Our industry-leading TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph features 495+ million Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and over 3.5 billion MAID/Hashed Email pairs. This allows us to match and resolve digital consumer identities, enabling the maximization of digital reach in a privacy-compliant and anonymous way.


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What is identity resolution?
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