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Episode 34 –
A Holistic Approach to Data Governance with Christine Frohlich, Head of Data Governance at Verisk Marketing Solutions

Our movement through the digital space doesn’t go unnoticed. On the contrary, our digital footprints are all over the internet, and companies use them to offer their products or services. But if they want to operate legally, businesses must comply with data privacy regulations.

That’s why the most reputable companies and those aspiring to become such pay a lot of attention to data governance.

In this episode of Identity Revolution, Infutor’s host Eric Gastevich welcomes Christine Frohlich, the Head of Data Governance at Verisk Marketing Solutions. The two discuss data governance and its three core elements – processes, technology, people – existing and upcoming data protection regulations, and resources that can help companies use data to build trust and credibility and drive business growth.

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Episode 33 –
Privacy, Security, and Data-Driven Success with Colin Marden, Sr Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Information is the most valuable asset in the contemporary (business) world, and every company aspiring to stay relevant in the market — regardless of its industry — must become data-driven. However, such an endeavor requires companies to not only have teams and access to tools but also a culture that values data.

Therefore, the sooner organizations acknowledge the power of data, the sooner they can start working on these three prerequisites for their operations’ long-term success.

In this episode of Identity Revolution, Colin Marden, a Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, joins Infutor’s host Eric Gastevich. Together they discuss cybersecurity, personalization, and of course data in business.

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Episode 32 –
How an Audience-First Strategy Provides Better Customer Service With Nola Solomon of Criteo

The AdTech industry includes all kinds of digital solutions that collect and process data to form, control, and analyze advertising campaigns. As technology grows, it changes consumer habits, and so, the advertising industry also changes significantly. As a result, AdTech companies and marketing organizations need to adapt.

But how do you successfully service customers as a retargeting company? How do you engage with customers to convince them to buy your product or service? Maybe it’s best to become a commercial media platform.

In this episode of Identity Revolution, Infutor’s host Cory Davis welcomes Nola Solomon, SVP, Go-to-Market at Criteo. Cory and Nola get into the opportunities that the transition into a multi-product commerce media platform brings, explain why this could be a good decision, and what progress one can expect. They also discuss working with agencies — not just direct brands — and emphasize that first-party data is crucial for marketing strategies.

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Episode 31 –
Using a Consumer-Driven Approach to Get the Most Out of Programmatic With Katherine Strieder of MiQ

Programmatic advertising allows tech companies and marketers to reach customers in new ways, quickly, and at scale. And without a doubt, it’s become one of the most indispensable tools to target the right audience.

But, at the end of the day, we need to understand that consumers come first, which is why we should be driven to do what’s best for them.

In this episode of Infutor’s Identity Revolution podcast, our host Cory Davis welcomes Katherine Strieder, the Global Chief Product Officer at MiQ, a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies. They talk about the power of programmatic advertising, how MiQ helps their clients stand out in a saturated market, and the biggest changes in AdTech over the years.

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Episode 30 –
Using CTV Measurement to Create a Better Experience and Collect Valuable Data With Tal Chalozin of Innovid

Over the last decade, there has been a significant shift from linear TV to CTV. And this transformation has allowed marketers to collect more data while providing a better user experience.

But what will the future of CTV advertising look like?

In this episode of Infutor’s Identity Revolution podcast, our host Cory Davis welcomes Tal Chalozin, the CTO and co-founder of Innovid, an adtech firm focused on the creative optimization and measurement of video ad serving. They talk about the inevitable switch from linear TV to CTV, why measurement will play a crucial part in this transformation, and the main predictions for the future of CTV.

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