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Episode 11 –
Discussing the Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Behavior and Retail With Heidi Bailey of The Integer Group

What does the future look like for Retail? Is traditional in-store shopping a thing of the past? According to Heidi Bailey, VP, Futures & AI at The Integer Group, people still want to visit stores. Of course, there have been shifts in consumer behavior business owners should not neglect, but embrace.

In Infutor’s Identity Revolution episode, our host Fred Pfeiffer and guest Heidi Bailey discuss how COVID has given a new meaning to digital connections. People have embraced the advantages of the online world, but once things go back to normal, even those who were not fans of shopping will want that physical experience.

Interlocutors also talk about the importance of the data in the advertising industry. Our guest believes that brands, not agencies, should store consumer data. They also mention the future of data: once the changes to digital identifiers take hold, new products, techniques, and solutions will come into view, bringing with them new opportunities for innovation in marketing and advertising.

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Episode 10 –
Discussing the World of Data Without Third-Party Cookies With Nick Jordan of Narrative I/O

It’s the end of the third-party cookie as we know it. Undoubtedly, Google is priming new strategies including the launch of FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). But what is FLoC exactly, and how does it stack up to third-party cookies? Today’s guest has some answers.

Nick Jordan is the Founder of Narrative I/O, a data streaming platform that simplifies the buying and selling of information by eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions. Their goal is to fuel cutting-edge data strategies, monetize valuable data assets, and power innovation and growth. With a background in computer science and broad experience in product management, Nick worked for some of the world’s largest technology companies, Adobe and Yahoo.

“One of my superpowers has always been able to sort of bridge between the business and the technology side. And I think as you think of data, as a subset of technology, that’s become incredibly important to my career path,” says our guest.

In this episode of the Identity Revolution podcast, our host Cory Davis and guest Nick Jordan talk about the post-cookie era, the future of data collection, and Google’s new technology advancements.

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Episode 9 –
Introduction to UID 2.0: A Unique Tech Solution to Replace Third-Party Cookies with Bill Michels from The Trade Desk

Data is an essential factor in decision-making. Companies leverage third-party software to access vital information and use them to improve their business practices. But what about identity? How do companies understand its role?

Bill Michels, a GM at Trade Desk, introduces Unified ID 2.0, a “cookie sync” solution that helps different parties understand the identity of who’s on their webpage. Cory and Bill discuss the vital importance of identity and how companies should leverage it to offer their content and improve their advertising practices.

In this episode of the Identity Revolution podcast, Bill Michels will reveal exciting features of the UID 2.0 project and the importance of industry collaboration in its realization. Furthermore, Bill reveals predictions for the future of companies in MarTech, AdTech, and data space. Do they have a bright future ahead of them?

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Episode 8 –
The Role of Data in the Mortgage Industry with Kenon Chen from Clear Capital

Data has become an integral part of businesses operated nowadays. Therefore, we shouldn’t underestimate its power now, when most businesses have been affected by the pandemic and every resource matters. In the mortgage industry, data can be of much help. But is it enough?

Kenon Chen from Clear Capital mentions the importance of incorporating big data, machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) in the mortgage industry. He claims that these resources can help all parties, facilitating the process of buying, renting, or valuing the property.

In this episode of Identity Revolution, you will get the chance to meet our guest, Kenon Chen. He will lead you through Clear Capital’s goals, focusing on the importance of using different information sources to beat the bias and other common problems that frequently arise in the mortgage industry.

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Episode 7 –
Uncovering Permission-Based Marketing with Brian Garofola, CTO of Vibes

How is mobile marketing evolving as more modern platforms push SMS? Brian Garofola, the CTO of Vibes, talks about the types of communication that can help you stand out in a crowd.

This native New Yorker, living in Chicago now, gives us insights into the possibilities of mobile marketing and the importance of SMS in the industry. Text messages enable companies to have accessible, simple 2-way communication with their customers to improve their satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.

In this episode of Identity Revolution, Brian Garofola discusses the future of marketing and how you can build a trusting relationship with customers through AI, machine learning, and customer data platforms. He also explains how changes in privacy policies influence the growth of permission-based marketing that will target the sphere of customers’ interest.

Tune in to our latest episode to find out what Brian has to say about the difference between generic and personalized text messages in mobile marketing and what impact they have.

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