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Auto In-Market: Your GPS for High Propensity Automotive Shoppers

Your chances for auto marketing success skyrocket when you target high propensity car buyers actively seeking what you offer. That’s the driving force behind Infutor’s Auto In-Market solution.

Combining robust auto ownership data with advanced analytic modeling, Auto In-Market identifies auto shoppers and scores their propensity to buy based on purchase behavior and historical ownership.

Infutor’s comprehensive auto data includes 182 million automobiles with VIN, make, model and year

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How Auto In-Market
High Propensity Targeting Works

  • Select Your Audience: Target auto shoppers by geography, auto make / model / year or other core attributes within Infutor’s easy-to use Marketplace platform
  • Select Propensity Scores: Select In-Market Propensity scores from 100-10 to target those car buyers in your audience with the highest propensity to convert
  • Select Omnichannel Distribution: Select your desired channels including email, social, programmatic, or direct mail
  • Complete Deployment: Through a single click within Infutor’s Marketplace platform, send your In-Market audience to the deployment outlet of choice

Auto marketers can immediately deploy personalized campaigns and offers across multiple channels based on scoring for five segments:

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New Vehicles

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Used Vehicles

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Auto Insurance

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Auto Finance

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Parts and Service

How Does This
High Propensity Score Produce Results?

Scores factor in a wealth of (non-browser) transactional data and customer demographics, including geography. Unlike other models, our scores even include both positive and negative purchase behaviors, such as poor payment transactions and bankruptcy filings.

Dealers and their agencies can use this intelligence to reach high propensity auto shoppers through a complete omnichannel approach including programmatic display, email, social media custom audiences and direct mail.

Improve conversions, reduce acquisition marketing costs and drive up ROI

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Learn how to reach high-propensity auto shoppers with Infutor’s Auto In-Market solution

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