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Brands in Every Industry Drive Innovation, ROI with Consumer Identity, Intelligence, Analytics Solutions

No matter which industry a brand serves, consumers are at the core of the business. That’s why it’s crucial that every engagement is optimized to create the best possible experience, whether it’s an inbound contact to a call center or a personalized offer to a loyal customer.

Consumer identity data and intelligence must be at the heart of each inbound and outbound interaction, and should enable brands to follow consumers’ life journeys in between those touch points so their messaging is always relevant.

However, to ensure that they’re fully leveraging the power of identity resolution to drive omnichannel marketing and data science initiatives, consumer brands need access to the right tools. Infutor makes this possible with data and intelligence solutions that drive every engagement during the buying journey and keeps consumer brands informed of important changes throughout their life journey.

Brands across a vast set of industries solve their biggest challenges by leveraging Infutor solutions to truly understand their consumers

and Adtech

With Infutor solutions, Martech and Adtech providers have the accurate data to increase effectiveness of AI initiatives, provide fuel for predictive modeling, and power omnichannel targeting and segmentation initiatives that deliver more value to clients.

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Financial Services
and Mortgage

With Infutor’s online and offline consumer data and intelligence, financial services and mortgage marketers are in position to make real-time offers for desirable prospects for pennies per prospect through unregulated and non-credit data.

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With 30+ years of auto ownership data, nearly 200 million verified records of vehicle owners, and rich demographic and lifestyle attributes, Infutor data is the key to higher conversions and ROI.

Drive More Sales


As the expert in consumer identity management, Infutor is the single source for multiple higher education institution’s needs from high-level academic research all the way through marketing and admissions campaigns.

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and CPG

From CMOs to digital marketers, data science teams, and call centers--any department of a retailer or CPG manufacturer benefits from consumer data, and Infutor has complete comprehensive set of data for all of your internal needs.

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Infutor’s industry-leading data and intelligence solutions equip lead generation marketing teams with the tools to engage the best leads in real-time, better personalize messaging and increase ROI.

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Travel and

Infutor’s solutions ensure that travel and entertainment marketers are able to complete and score identities to better understand and provide the best experiences for customers while continuing to provide relevant messaging as they move through their life journey.

Follow Consumers’ Journey


Infutor equips insurance marketers with the most powerful data solutions to engage the best prospects in real-time, personalize messaging, segment audiences, and make compelling cross-sell, upsell and bundle offers first.

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