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Reach the Best Prospects at the Right Time with Unmatched Auto Data

The average consumer purchases a new car once every six years. In those six years, life stages and needs change dramatically. Marriage, new children, and moving to a new home all bring a higher likelihood of buying a vehicle during a consumer’s life journey. But while the time between purchases is more than half a decade, the window closes quickly once they’re in-market, making accurate consumer identity data, auto data and intelligence more valuable than ever.

About 92% of car buyers research online before they buy, and the number of dealership visits continues to decline. More online resources leads to quicker decision times, so it’s crucial that agencies and dealerships leverage the best available auto data to target prospects at the right moments and remain at top-of-mind with relevant messaging.

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Enable Engagement During Critical Decision Making Process

Improve the value of your omnichannel marketing and conquest campaigns by targeting high-propensity prospects with new car or trade-in offers at the optimal time. Infutor’s Automotive Data Solutions are the key to higher conversions and ROI with

  • Over 30 years of auto ownership data
  • More than 180 million verified records of vehicle owners
  • Rich demographic and lifestyle attributes

Our auto and in-market data is built from hundreds of transactional sources including sales and service data, automobile warranty data sources, aftermarket repair/maintenance facilities, auto warranty notification, and scheduled maintenance records.

Infutor auto data and intelligence empowers you to reach auto buyers with relevant offers the moment they are in-market


Reach known auto owners with relevant messaging at the right time by identifying their specific vehicle attributes.

Drive Engagement


Target known auto owners and lookalikes by VIN, make, model, and year; find high propensity shoppers with predictive indicators.

Find Likely Buyers

Total Automotive

Give your marketing team a license to drive omnichannel targeting, inbound identity completion and auto marketing analytics.

Our Data at Your Site


Identify active auto shoppers and get propensity-to-buy scores based on purchase behavior and ownership history.

More Advanced Models


Scoring from Zero to 100 in under a second so you can give your best leads the best possible experience.

Know the Score


Return missing or incomplete contact data points to ensure you can reach automotive prospects across all channels.

Complete Your Leads


Keep up with ever-changing consumers so your messaging is relevant across their life journey.

Total CRM Solution

Digital ID

Instantly add multiple digital identity markers (email addresses and hashed email data) to your best consumer and prospect records.

Eliminate Wasted Spend

Fuel omnichannel marketing and conquest campaigns with unmatched auto data

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