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Infutor’s Higher Education Data Solutions Power Research, Drive Increased Enrollment

The impact of consumer identity data and intelligence in higher education environments extends far beyond your campus. University research departments utilize historical consumer data to uncover trends that have crucial social and economic implications.

Academic faculty as well as students from leading universities such as Stanford, Notre Dame and Penn State have tapped Infutor’s higher education data solutions to power research projects. They’ve leveraged consumer identities with address history, social security information, date of birth and deceased indicators, built from hundreds of non-GLB (Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act) data and non-FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) encumbered sources. Collectively, they have examined the effects of rent control, natural disasters, housing affordability, and even helped inform political policy.

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Lifting Results in Higher Education

On the other side, educational institutions themselves face a constant battle to maximize enrollment and retention while staying connected and engaged with alumni. Enrollment and admission marketers have joined university researchers in leveraging highly-accurate and up-to-date Infutor consumer identity data and intelligence to deepen their applicant pool and expand reach to lookalikes of their most successful students. And by keeping up with alumni along their life journey through identity resolution, they’re able to increase alumni engagement and donations.

As expert in consumer identity management, Infutor is the single source for higher education institution’s needs from high-level academic research all the way through marketing and admissions campaigns.

Infutor provides foundational higher education data solutions that power research, and drive applications, enrollment, and alumni engagement

Data Licensing

Drive research with rich historical data assets including property, housing, demographic, automotive, and more.

Uncover the Answers


Return missing or incomplete contact data points to ensure you can reach prospective students and keep track of alumni.

Increase Engagement


Discover, segment and prioritize your most promising prospective students in real-time.

Instantly Score

Digital ID

Instantly add multiple digital identity markers (email addresses and hashed email data) to reach more of your best prospective student records.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending


Delivers a complete analysis of student groups so you can focus on your best performers and lift enrollment rates.

Analyze Your Data

Leverage consumer identity data and intelligence to fuel crucial higher education research and marketing campaigns

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