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Be First in Line with Financial Services and Mortgage Offers

Real estate and financial services markets are volatile. No matter which direction the market is trending, though, having the speed to reach the best leads first is critical. Financial services and mortgages marketers who are equipped with the right tools are best prepared to take advantage and make the first offer when markets change and – more importantly – convert those leads.

Rising home costs have created stagnation in mortgage originations and led to more competition among lenders for the limited borrowers. However, by staying put and building equity, homeowners are positioned to finance major expenses like home renovations or college tuition. This creates more opportunities for marketing of financial services that focus on these promising prospects for home equity loans and non-mortgage products.

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Quality Data for Improved Results

In order to take advantage, leading financial services marketers and lead generators are turning to Infutor consumer identity and property data to boost the quality and value of leads with verified, complete and enhanced data. Infutor blends unmatched insights with powerful machine learning to create solutions which calculate current home values and home equity values.

With Infutor consumer identity data and intelligence, you’ll be in position to make timely offers for desirable prospects for pennies per prospect through unregulated and non-credit data, avoiding high costs of compliance and risk-management assurances. Deliver personalized messaging, identify prospect audiences, implement socio-economic targeting and acquisition strategies, and leverage intelligence to increase retention, cross-selling and lifetime value.

Competitive marketing of financial services requires brands to be first in line with the right offers at the right time

Connex Automated Valuation Model

Blend consumer data, property data and advanced machine learning to show the value of a home—and the Homeowner. Cost-Effective Calculation

Connex Home Equity Value

Find consumers most likely to finance major expenses like home renovations or college tuition through home equity loans.

Find Likely Borrowers


Equip your team with unregulated scores that correlate highly to traditional credit scores without violating FCRA.

Discover Buying Power

Total Property

Score leads and optimize segmentation and personalization strategies with key property—and property owner—data.

Take Control of Data


Return missing or incomplete contact data points to ensure you can reach prospects across all channels.

Complete Your Leads


Gain confidence in your consumer data by evaluating incoming contact points against our identity graph.

Verify and Score Leads


Additional identity markers and demographic and lifestyle attributes drive personalization and maximize lifetime value.

Full View of Consumers


Verify, score and enhance a consumer’s identity profile to make informed decisions about whom to trust.

Mitigate Risk


Keep up with ever-changing consumers so your messaging is relevant across their life journey.

Total CRM Solution

Identify the best consumers for financial services, maximize insights and increase lifetime value

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