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Consumer Data, Intelligence Ensures Insurance Marketers Get the Best Leads, Make Offers First

Where consumers live, the type of car they drive and their home value are just some of the data points that inform leading insurance marketers. However, leveraging this data to find the best potential customers, personalize messaging, and provide relevant offers is only half of the battle – insurance marketers also must ensure they’re first in line with an offer.

Consumer data and intelligence provides the fuel that insurance marketers need to understand inbound leads instantly and create a frictionless experience that maximizes their speed to lead. With solutions powered by consumer data and intelligence, marketers are able to verify, score, complete and enhance identities of the best inbound leads in real-time.

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The Most Powerful Insurance Data Solutions

  • Verify and score leads so marketers can eliminate low-quality leads and focus only on the most promising prospects to reduce wasteful spending
  • Completing and enhancing identities enables marketers to minimize web form fields to reduce abandonment, tailor messaging to specific insurance needs, and match potential customers with the best agent who will be equipped to convert with relevant offers
  • Predictive intelligence such as GeoCredit Score, Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and Home Equity Value help insurance marketers perform advanced analytic modeling and send highly-targeted offers

Engage the best prospects in real-time, personalize messaging, segment audiences and better understand the consumers’ needs. Make compelling offers and complementary bundles to increase conversions, and cross-sell and upsell opportunities to maximize ROI and lifetime customer value.

Drive insurance marketing initiatives through consumer data and reach the best prospects with the right offer at the right time


Boost online form submission rates by reducing the number of fields needed to accurately identify a lead.

Reduce Form Friction


Gain confidence in your inbound leads by evaluating incoming contact points against our identity graph.

Verify and Score Leads


Drive analytics initiatives with intelligence such as GeoCredit Score, AVM and Home Equity Value to understand the best leads.

Smarter Marketing


Additional identity markers, demographic and lifestyle attributes provide a full view to improve personalization.

Full View of Leads


Keep up with ever-changing leads so your messaging is relevant no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Total CRM Solution


Delivers a complete analysis of customer groups so you can focus on your best performers and lift conversion rates.

Analyze Your Data


Create highly targeted, customizable audiences to provide more personal, targeted marketing offers.

Target the Best Leads


Equip your team with unregulated scores that correlate highly to traditional credit scores without violating FCRA.

Discover Buying Power

Be the first to reach the most promising leads with the right offer and bundles at the right time

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