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Power Your Lead Generation Services with Unmatched Consumer Data

Lead generation marketing is a sprint – and many lead gen marketers struggle to keep pace with today’s consumers.

More information than ever is available before contact is initiated with a business, and consumers are often at an advanced stage of the buying process by the time they engage. That means the first brand to engage with a consumer is most likely to convert shoppers that are nearly ready to purchase.

But how can lead generation marketers ensure they’re consistently ready to make timely offers? By making each inbound interaction as seamless as possible.

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Equip Lead Generation Teams with the Best Tools

Infutor’s consumer data and intelligence empowers brands to immediately verify and score inbound leads in real-time so they can focus on the best leads and tailor messaging that will resonate to increase ROI. By understanding who the consumers truly are, where they’re from and their needs, brands are able to match leads with the best agent to connect in a meaningful way.

Authoritative consumer identity data also ensures that the inbound experience is frictionless – a crucial aspect of optimizing speed to lead. About 74% of marketers use web forms for lead generation services, and nearly 50% say that online forms are their highest converting lead generation marketing tool. By completing identities in real-time, brands can reduce abandonment by minimizing fields required to complete web forms and, in turn, maximize conversions.

Fuel lead generation services through consumer identity data and intelligence and be the first to reach the best leads with the right offer


Gain confidence in your inbound leads by evaluating incoming contact points against our identity graph.

Verify and Score Leads


Boost online form submission rates by reducing the number of fields needed to accurately identify a lead.

Reduce Form Friction


Drive all of your data science and analytics initiatives to truly understand your best performing leads.

Smarter Marketing


Additional identity markers, demographic and lifestyle attributes provide a full view of consumers to improve personalization.

Full View of Leads


Compare lead data to our expansive identity graph for instant validation of name, phone number, phone type and consent date.

Ensure Compliance


Keep up with ever-changing leads so your messaging is relevant no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Total CRM Solution


Create highly targeted, customizable audiences to provide more personal, targeted marketing offers.

Target the Best Leads

Be the first to reach the most promising leads with the right offer at the right time

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