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Fuel Innovation and Deliver Value through Identity Resolution

Martech and Adtech providers are continuously innovating. Startups and industry veterans alike are consistently bringing disruptive technology to the landscape with one common denominator across each new solution—the need for data.

Consumer identity data and intelligence is the fuel that powers apps and technologies that feature identity at the core, as well as clients’ lead generation, inbound and outbound marketing and attribution efforts. Identity resolution provides a critical foundation that enables Martech and Adtech providers to drive more value by instantly helping their clients understand consumers in order to make smarter marketing decisions.

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Access the Premier Identity Graph and Digital Device Graph

By achieving identity resolution, Martech and Adtech providers have the accurate data to increase effectiveness of AI initiatives, provide deeper insights for predictive modeling, and power omnichannel targeting and segmentation tools that deliver more value to clients.

Power strategic growth and client initiatives with Infutor’s unparalleled consumer identity data and intelligence.


Enable your clients to weed out poor leads, convert more consumers into customers, and increase ROI.

Verify and Score Leads


Complete an entire consumer profile, including identity, scoring, attributes and intelligence, on-demand.

Complete Leads


Additional identity markers and demographic and lifestyle attributes provide a full view of consumers to improve personalization.

Better, Smarter Reach

On Premise

Enhance solutions by leveraging our email, auto, phone, consumer history, location and property databases.

Full View of Consumers


Help your clients achieve identity resolution by turning countless pieces of disparate identity data into a linked, single source of truth.

Master Source of Truth

Device Graph

Empower offline-online digitization for onboarding, cross-device linking, privacy-compliant personalization.

Digital Solutions Suite


Equip your clients with unregulated scores that correlate highly to traditional credit scores without violating FCRA.

Discover Buying Power


Drive all of your data science and analytics initiatives to truly understand your best performing leads.

Smarter Marketing

Cluster Appends

Enable clients to leverage groups of consumers that have similar demographic, geographic and psychographic traits.

Gain More Intelligence

Drive innovation and provide more value for your clients through identity resolution

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