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Empowering Retailers to Identify and Enhance Identities, Personalize Messaging

Consumer identity data and intelligence has changed the game for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers. E-commerce, direct-to-consumer brands, and brick-and-mortar stores all have evolved in their interactions with customers through identity resolution.

By achieving identity resolution, leading retailers bring inbound and outbound touchpoints together, forming cohesive omnichannel marketing strategies that bring new customers, raise conversions and ROI. Understanding consumers and the attributes that define their needs, preferences, and their motivation to purchase enables retailers to segment audiences and build personalized communications that truly resonate.

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The Impact is Felt Across Entire Organizations

From CMOs to digital marketers, data science teams, and call centers – every department benefits from consumer identity data, and Infutor has a complete comprehensive set of retail data solutions for all of your internal needs. Infutor’s data completes and enhances identities, instantly identifies and scores inbound consumers, and fuels data modeling so you can identify, target and personalize engagements with new consumers and maximize customer lifetime value.

Drive omnichannel engagement, fuel analytics, and empower personalization by achieving identity resolution to better understand your consumers


Keep up with ever-changing consumers so your messaging is relevant across the buyer journey.

Eliminate Data Decay


Give your call center the power to score the best inbound consumers and route the highest-propensity buyers to the best agents.

Verify and Score Leads


Return missing or incomplete contact data points to ensure your brand can reach consumers across all channels.

Complete Identities

Solutions Suite

Empower offline-online digitization for onboarding, cross-device linking, privacy-compliant personalization.

Digital Solutions Suite


Delivers a complete analysis of top-performing customer groups to drive marketing decisions.

Analyze Your Data

On Premise

Give your analytics teams complete access to our email, auto, phone, consumer history, location and property databases.

Full View of Consumers

Cluster Appends

Instantly understand what your best consumers look like and to provide more meaningful engagements.

Personalize in Real Time


Additional identity markers and demographic and lifestyle attributes provide a full view of consumers to improve personalization.

Better, Smarter Reach


Equip your team with unregulated scores that correlate highly to traditional credit scores without violating FCRA.

Discover Buying Power

Drive more conversions and higher ROI by recognizing and understanding your consumers

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