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Follow the Consumer’s Journey to Help them Choose Their Next Adventure

The interests and lifestyles of prospects for travel, tourism and entertainment marketers are constantly changing. Consumers continuously evolve in their life journey, and among the biggest challenges for marketers is ensuring that their offers align with where a consumer is in that journey at any given moment.

Consumer identity data decays at a rate of about 30% per year – and the turnover in a multi-year span between infrequent purchases like cruises or international trips is staggering. So, it’s crucial that marketers know which stage consumers are at in their ever-changing lives when promoting a major trip like a cruise that might be taken every five years or even a local trip every few months. Accurate, up-to-date CRM data and intelligence is essential to giving marketers the ability to make those relevant offers at any point whether it’s been half of a year or half of a decade.

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Understand Your Consumers Better

Infutor has the entertainment, travel and tourism data solutions that enable any marketer to keep their CRM data current, while also providing the tools needed to better understand who they are engaging with.

  • Instantly complete identities to shorten online forms
  • Score inbound contacts to pair them with the right agent
  • Fuel analytics with full data licensing and lifestyle attributes

Marketers can empower segmentation by location, demographic, psychographic data including behaviors or lifestyles, and media usage to focus on the highest performing segments and lookalikes to grow their customer base.

By understanding a consumer’s interests and even their current geography in real-time through identity resolution, marketers are in a position to know what offer to make, where to make it and when to make it.

Identity resolution provides foundational entertainment, travel and tourism data solutions to drive higher conversion and ROI


Keep up with ever-changing consumers so you can reach them in any channel, no matter their life stage.

Eliminate Data Decay


Score the best inbound consumers and route the highest-propensity buyers to the best agents for their needs.

Verify and Score Leads


Return missing or incomplete contact data points to ensure your brand can reach consumers across all channels.

Complete Identities

Solutions Suite

Empower offline-online digitization for onboarding, cross-device linking, privacy-compliant personalization.

Digital Solutions Suite

On Premise

Give your data science teams the fuel to build custom models with complete access to our databases.

Full View of Consumers


Delivers a complete analysis of customer groups so you can focus on your best performers and lift conversion rates.

Analyze Your Data

Cluster Appends

Instantly understand what your best consumers look like and to provide more relevant offers.

Personalize in Real Time


Additional identity markers and demographic and lifestyle attributes provide a full view of consumers to drive the best offers.

Better, Smarter Reach

Digital ID

Instantly add multiple digital identity markers (email addresses and hashed email data) to your best customer records.

Eliminate Wasted Spend

Leverage consumer data to keep your CRM up-to-date and provide customers with the best possible experience

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