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Infutor Consumer Intelligence Solutions Drive Smarter Marketing

Consumer identity and attribute data provides a snapshot of who a consumer is — their name, their age, where they live to name a few. Consumer intelligence goes beyond a simple customer profile. It creates a broader illustrative view that offers a holistic understanding of who someone is by revealing the lifestyle preferences and behaviors that drive consumer purchase decisions.

Data-driven marketers use consumer intelligence to inform their own decision making and to create strategies that resonate and speak to customers as individuals. Improved intelligence helps brands and marketers reach and convert more customers and prospects by enabling the creation of targeted segments and highly personalized messaging for omnichannel campaigns.

Rich consumer intelligence fuels artificial intelligence and machine learning with data that empowers marketers to target the right audience and provide a meaningful experience with their brand. Increase conversions, ROI, and the lifetime value of customers through relevant messaging delivered at the right time.

Intelligence Fueled by Infutor’s Unmatched TrueSource™ Identity Graph

Infutor’s TrueSource™ Identity Graph combines 30+ years of rich, historical consumer data and intelligence with hundreds of unique, hard-to-find data assets, updated daily with 97.5 million transactions. Our consumer intelligence and predictive attributes such as age, marital status, income, and lifestyle preferences provide insights into the consumer life journey and enable you to create powerful customer segments.

Infutor consumer intelligence drives technologies that empower smarter marketing

Infutor Lifestyle Intelligence

Connex Interactive Segmentation Profile

Connex Interactive Segmentation Profile delivers a complete analysis of your top performing customer groups to drive future marketing decisions. Easily see the high-performing customer segments that are driving your revenue goals to create powerful lookalike campaigns.

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Segmentation Cluster Appends

Connex Segmentation Cluster Appends feature groups of consumers with similar demographic, geographic and psychographic traits, helping you understand what makes your most profitable customers tick. Append segmentation clusters to drive tailored messaging, increased conversions and lasting relationships among your highest performing consumer segments.

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Total Consumer Connex Clusters

Our Total Consumer Connex Cluster data is available as an on-premise data license, giving you full control to host and access our Segmentation Cluster Groups on-site. Leverage this demographic, geographic and psychographic data to drive your modeling and analytics initiatives.

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Infutor Predictive Intelligence

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Auto In-market

Combining robust auto ownership data with advanced analytic modeling, Auto In-Market identifies auto shoppers and scores their propensity to be in the market for a new car based on purchase behavior and historical ownership.

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GeoCredit Score

Infutor offers a proprietary GeoCredit Score that highly correlates to a prospect’s traditional credit score, without violation of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations. This score enables you to send highly-targeted invitation-to-apply offers or build powerful predictive modeling profiles.

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Automated Valuation Model

Infutor’s Connex Automated Valuation Model (AVM) accurately forecasts home values by using data from Infutor’s national property database, home sales data, and powerful machine learning to drive highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

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Home Equity Value

Infutor’s Connex Home Equity Value is a predictive model that calculates the available equity in a home as its value increases and the mortgage decreases.

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Leverage Infutor consumer intelligence for smarter omnichannel marketing

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