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Learn How Connex Interactive Segmentation Profile and Intelligence Drive Marketing Success

Consumer intelligence is more accessible than ever – and marketers are able to invest dollars much more strategically in order to convert customers and maximize ROI. One of the more valuable data-driven tools that marketers rely on is marketing segmentation. The power lies in the grouping of consumers into different audience clusters in order to focus marketing efforts on your highest value consumers and tailor messaging to best fit each one.

Creating customer segmentation by location, demographics such as age and income, psychographic data including behaviors or lifestyles, and media usage, empowers brands to better focus on their highest performing prospect segments.

Powerful customer segmentation analysis based on your specific KPIs with Connex Interactive Segmentation Profile

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Customer Segmentation:
The Connex Advantage

Connex Interactive Segmentation Profile delivers meaningful customer insights via an interactive, information-rich app. Powered by Connex intelligence, which combines demographic data from 266 million consumers and more than 5,400 consumer lifestyle and behavior attributes across 86 categories, this menu-driven, graphical analytics tool instantly identifies your best-performing consumer segments.

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Whether you’re a skilled data scientist or novice marketer, this intuitive platform lets you quickly tap into the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and lifestyle propensities of your most profitable consumer segments.

Our Connex Interactive Segmentation Profile leverages your own data to answer your most pressing marketing questions. Securely provide a name, address, state, ZIP, and other optional data (sales, revenue, purchase history and more) via SFTP and Infutor will deliver your complete segmentation analysis.

White Paper:
Success Through Customer Segmentation

About 55% of marketers are prioritizing more effective customer segmentation and targeting. Our white paper examines marketing segmentation, and how it can be used to positively impact marketing efforts with customer insights. We also discuss how to implement a marketing segmentation plan and find the right strategic partner for success.

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Success through segmentation whitepaper

Out-of-the-box Connex customer segmentation analysis, tailored to your brand’s specific needs

Connex interactive profile dashboard

Connex Propensity Dashboard

Drill into the salient points of your segmentation analysis with a simple, interactive dashboard. The Connex Propensity Dashboard shows you the conversion strength of your top audiences compared to the national average. Filter, select and sort to create different views that you can easily export and share.

Connex propensity analyzer

Connex Cluster Propensity Analyzer

Pinpoint your best-performing consumer segments and cross-selling opportunities. Connex Cluster Propensity Analyzer provides visibility across every segment, giving you the intelligence to determine which clusters have the highest propensity to convert as well as develop strategies to convert underperforming consumer segments.

Connex lifestyle profiler

Lifestyle Profiler

Understand your key customer segments across thousands of psychographic, media and behavioral variables for a deeper understanding of their unique traits. The Lifestyle Profiler enables you to understand the lifestyle traits of your top-performing consumers. Based off more than 5,400 Connex attributes, the Lifestyle Profiler empowers you to truly personalize your messaging to each unique audience.

Connex segment analyzer

Customer Segmentation Analyzer

See how key customer segments compare across a variety of demographic, geographic and lifestyle data points. Visually analyze data based on multiple customer segments and KPIs, or compare segments against total U.S. households.

Connex predictive strength

Relative Predictive Strength

Gain a better understanding of how predictive a specific attribute is compared with other attributes for driving segmentation across a market universe (i.e., customers/U.S. households). The higher the attribute ranking, the more predictive that attribute is for segmenting the specified universe (for example, geography and Connex Segmentation Clusters are often leading Relative Predictive Strength attributes).

Connex mapping dashboard

Mapping Dashboard

Evaluate customer segments, KPIs and market area potential at a national, regional, state or local level. Thematic customer penetration maps reveal market potential for key customer segments and measures in existing and new geographical markets.

Tailor your messaging and maximize your marketing by performing customer segmentation

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