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Total Consumer Connex Clusters Power Personalized Marketing, Drive Analytics

In order to maximize customer acquisition and retention, marketers need to understand their best customers and prospects based on their most important KPIs. They need to know where to find those consumers, what their preferred media channel is, and how to deliver personalized messaging to increase conversions.

Connex Segmentation Clusters are groups of consumers who exhibit similar demographic, lifestyle and media consumption characteristics, empowering marketers to understand the unique attributes that comprise their most profitable consumer segments. Armed with this rich data, data scientists can drive analytics and modeling to power their brand’s unique marketing initiatives.

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Segmenting Consumer Markets
with Thousands of Traits

With Total Consumer Connex Clusters, you can group your customers and prospects into key consumer segments based on thousands of unique lifestyle traits. Group by geographic, demographic, psychographic and technographic characteristics, as well as media consumption, brand preferences and buying habits.

Increase conversion rates and build lasting relationships by truly understanding the unique attributes of your most profitable customers.

Infutor’s Total Consumer Connex Clusters is an on-site data license that puts your brand in complete control of our consumer segments with 24/7 access

Power Advanced Modeling and Analytics

By hosting Total Consumer Connex Clusters on-site, you’ll put limitless analytics and data science possibilities at your team’s fingertips — at every moment. Leverage the wealth of attribute data in Total Consumer Connex Clusters to improve consumer data models and enable advanced analytics.

With Infutor’s consumer data, your data science team will uncover new and important insights that drive marketing conversions, reduce costs and improve customer lifetime value.

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Key Benefits

  • Prioritize customer segments to target the most responsive and high-value cluster segments
  • Acquire new customers by targeting lookalikes of best-performing consumer segments
  • Maximize conversions with personalized messaging and offers based on key cluster attributes
  • Identify and target untapped markets based on insights from audience clusters
  • Convert highest-propensity prospects with campaigns delivered to their preferred channel
  • Cross-sell and up-sell complementary products/services based on consumer lifestyle traits

White Paper:
Success Through Customer Segmentation

About 55% of marketers are prioritizing more effective customer segmentation and targeting. Our white paper examines marketing segmentation, and how it can be used to positively impact marketing efforts with customer insights. We also discuss how to implement a marketing segmentation plan and find the right strategic partner for success.

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Success through segmentation whitepaper

Connex Segmentation Clusters feature seven high-level groupings to help achieve your unique objectives

Household Clusters

Precisely segment to deliver targeted communications at the household level, maximizing ROI by aligning your offers with those most likely to respond and convert. We have 130 household-level segments with similar demographics, behaviors, attitudes, preferences, buying habits and media consumption.

Explore Household Clusters

Neighborhood Clusters

Drive geo-based audience segmentation strategies that maximize your marketing budget when household-level targeting is not an option. We have 68 segments defined by small area geographies (e.g., ZIP+4) containing similar groups of consumers.

Explore Neighborhood Clusters

Family Clusters

Ideal for higher-level strategic segmentation and understanding of larger customer groups including categorizing household-level clusters into broad categories of similar audience segments. We have 16 segments representing high-level groupings of Household Clusters.

Explore Family Clusters

Digital Clusters

Target consumers based on their online, social media and mobile behaviors, preferences and buying habits — perfect for geo-agnostic strategies (online retargeting, social media campaigns, CPC campaigns, etc.) We have 35 segments featuring similar digital lifestyles.

Explore Digital Clusters

Generation Clusters

Ideal for reaching consumers in specific age groups, as well as for marketing strategies that align with generational attitudes and experiences. We have 18 segments grouped according to their generational cohort (Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer and Silent).

Explore Generation Clusters

Life Stage Clusters

Develop marketing strategies based on significant milestones in consumers’ lives including career, marriage, children, retirement, etc. We have 11 segments grouped according to life stage events.

Messaging Clusters

Ideal for increasing the relevance of offers by tailoring messaging to the unique profile of differing customer and prospect segments. We have five segments that represent wide-ranging groupings of the Household and Neighborhood Clusters.

Learn how Infutor’s Total Consumer Connex Clusters power personalization, segmentation and analytics for omnichannel marketing

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