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Enhance Digital Marketing Campaigns Through Highly Targeted Audiences with Infutor’s Email Data

Social and digital media advertising is growing precipitously, with hundreds of billions of dollars spent in these channels every year. Email addresses are the essential identity enablers across digital marketing platforms, as the majority of online transactions and apps require email-anchored account setup and management. In order for marketers to effectively reach consumers, they need accurate and multiple email addresses per consumer.

Marketers need to leverage a robust email database to segment audiences and ensure that they’re spending their dollars wisely for optimal targeting on social and digital platforms.

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Enhance Your Digital Strategy

Infutor’s Email Marketplace empowers you to create highly targeted audiences based on a huge selection of demographic and geographic criteria. Segment consumers by geography, age, gender, income, marital status, and numerous additional demographic and interest categories to maximize your digital marketing segmentation strategies.

Based on selected characteristics, marketers can personalize messaging to digital audiences to drive significant improvements in lead generation and customer conversions.

Going beyond digital: In addition to an email address, our Email Marketplace provides name, address, and phone number. With these added identity markers, you’ll be equipped to engage your best-performing consumers and lookalikes in your omnichannel campaigns. You’ll also be able to tie these identity markers back to your own data to create linkages for a more complete view of your consumers.

Infutor’s Email Marketplace enables you to build custom and lookalike audiences to expand the reach and effectiveness of your social and digital marketing campaigns

The Advantage of Infutor’s Email Data

Why do the most sophisticated enterprise marketers in the world turn to Infutor to power their products? Our identity analytics process.

Infutor’s email database undergoes intense cleansing, verification and linking processes. We know how to transform disparate data into authoritative digital consumer identities to vastly improve your digital marketing scale, improve consumer engagement, and enable attribution.

  • Authoritative Data: Infutor’s permissibly obtained and multi-sourced email database features hundreds of millions of email addresses
  • Easy-to-use Audience Building Platform: Build your audience in minutes for fast deployment to your to digital audiences
  • Precise Targeting: Segment audiences based on demographic data, interests, and geography down to the ZIP code

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Leverage our powerful Email Marketplace for more effective social and digital marketing campaigns

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