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Expert Roundup: The Rise of First-Party Data

Zora Senat, SVP Marketing and Partnerships, Infutor discusses email and the advantage of first-party data as the digital ad ecosystem continues to evolve.

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Esri Joins with Infutor to Improve Geocoding Services

Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, announced that it is collaborating with Infutor Data Solutions to improve the geocoding and address matching capability available for Esri's ArcGIS World Geocoding Service in the US.

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Quality is key to future-proofing your consumer identity management strategy

The loss of third-party cookies represents a major inflection point, but forward-looking companies are relying on a combination of approaches to build a holistic identity management strategy without cookies.

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Infutor Joins the Karlsgate Identity Exchange to Offer Secure Data Enhancement Services

Karlsgate, a secure data collaboration company, announced the full suite of Infutor’s industry leading consumer identity management solutions is now accessible via Karlsgate Identity Exchange.

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Infutor Scales its Consumer Insight Capabilities

In the latest contribution to solving the consumer identity puzzle, Infutor's new product Total Consumer Insights matches hundreds of signals to first-party data-based profiles.

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Infutor, One of this Month’s Featured Chicago Tech Companies

Infutor was one of Builtin Chicago's highlighted organizations this month, focusing on tech companies celebrating growth and pacing full steam ahead.

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Expert Roundup: How Will Privacy Define the Near Term?

Kevin Dean, COO of Infutor, discusses email’s role in a privacy-compliant future.

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Five Ways To Prepare For The ‘ID-Pocalypse’

Zora Senat, SVP of Marketing and Partnerships, discusses five consistent themes marketers must track to ensure they are ready for the end of third-party cookies.

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How Data Will Impact Retail in 2021

Todd Schoenherr, Infutor VP of Strategy, discusses how data is crucial in helping retailers connect offline to online identities.

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First-Party Data Will Prove Most Important for Marketers in 2021

With the tumultuous changes in the marketing and advertising industry that 2020 brought, CEO Gary Walter discusses what Infutor sees as the focus for 2021.

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Placekey Now Available for Snowflake

Zora Senat, VP of Partnerships at Infutor, discusses the value that the consumer identity management experts see with the integration of Placekey and Snowflake.

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Infutor Data Helps Bridg Further Enable Consumer Identification

Infutor's data will enhance the Bridg platform in helping brands identify, understand and engage unknown in-store customers.

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