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Featured In

Infutor Identity Graph Boosts Home Depot’s Customer Engagement

By partnering with Infutor to capture customer identity and streamline the user experience, Vibes’ client improved customer engagement by 238%.

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Infutor Launches CCPA Opt-out Portal

Consumer identity management expert’s data opt-out portal presents consumers with a single place to manage their personal information across many third party partners.

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Predictions for Marketing Trends in 2020

Entering the new year, Infutor CEO predicts that companies will invest in and integrate consumer insights within their marketing strategies.

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Infutor Client Sees Increase in Customer Engagement by Utilizing ID Max Solution

Vibes’ recent integration with Infutor’s identity completion solution gives customers access to a robust identity graph, leading to enhanced profile matching and segmentation.

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The Division of Segmentation

A recent Forrester report with a special introduction by Infutor offers an in-depth explanation of the differences between the two types of segmentation and the different approaches that Customer Insights pros can take to maximize the impact.

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Infutor’s New Opt Out Portal Ensures CCPA Requirements are Met

Infutor launches a data opt-out portal in accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), allowing California consumers to log in, confirm their identities, and be removed from the data that Infutor manages.

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Infutor Launches Opt-out Service to Support Businesses

Infutor’s opt-out service assists businesses that collect personal data from consumers in complying with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).

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Using MAIDs to Solve Cookie and Privacy Regulation Challenges

Gary Walter discusses the decline of cookies and how marketers are turning to MAIDs and identity resolution platforms as reliable, data-driven solutions to reach potential and recurring customers with personalized messages.

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Infutor Announces Acquisition of Dunn Data Company

With the acquisition of Dunn Data, Infutor enhances consumer identity, demographic, lifestyle, and affinity attribute data within its TruthSet Identity Graph.

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Discussing Digital Onboarding, Digital Crosswalk and Digital Personalization

Infutor’s TruthSet Digital Device Graph and Digital Suite focuses on solving challenges facing the programmatic market such as targeting and privacy.

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Using Consumer Data to Shape Relationship Intelligence

Michelle Tilton shares insights on the role identity data has in building relationship intelligence and how this new concept can help businesses make more informed decisions.

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Infutor Delivers Enhanced Marketing Applications with Launch of Digital Suite of Solutions

Infutor’s Digital Suite of Solutions enhances marketing applications including crosswalk, onboarding and segmentation and personalization strategies.


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