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SalesTechStar Interview with Infutor VP of Sales

Stuart Lazarus discusses new technologies impacting the sales and marketing landscape and shares tips for successful selling during this new environment.

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Infutor CEO Interview with Lead Generation World

Gary Walter talks with Michael Ferree from Lead Generation World on how Infutor is helping brands improve their marketing efforts. The CEO also offers insight into what the future holds for consumer data.

Interviews  –  Videos

Customer Data First: This is How Brands Can Maximize Digital Retention

We sat down with Infutor’s Vice President of Product Management for a quick Q&A session to discuss how brands can maximize their digital retention efforts by putting their focus on the consumers.

Articles  –  Interviews

Infutor’s Grace Kingston Discusses Benefits of Partnership with Equifax

Kingston talks about Infutor’s partnership with Equifax and how improving identity validation and match rates through trusted, authoritative data sets provides even more value to the information solutions company’s customers.


Working at Infutor: Chasing Big Goals

VP of Marketing Michelle Tilton and HR Director Jessica Guffey discuss Infutor’s company culture and values including the importance of work-life balance and career growth.


Business Are All About People

Gary Walter discusses Infutor’s areas of focus as a growth-oriented business including maintaining a strong core culture and empowering employees.

Interviews  –  Videos

Gary Walter’s Interview on the B2B Revenue Executive Experience Podcast

CEO of Infutor talks about the company’s journey from a family-owned business to a private equity-owned entity and what was learned along the way.


MarTech Series Interview with Infutor CTO

John Barnes explains Consumer Identity Management and discusses how organizations can benefit from the rich and complete consumer intelligence Infutor’s Identity Graph provides.


Why Sales Exec Grace Kingston Loves Working at Infutor

In this recent Built In Chicago article, Grace Kingston discusses her passion for Infutor’s offerings and what motivates her to succeed in her role.


Mary Jo Yafchak Offers Advice for Other Women Breaking Into the Tech Industry

Infutors VP of Strategy shares insight into how Infutor is working to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and offers advice for women wanting to enter the field.


Infutor CTO Interviewed on Recent Junto Podcast

John Barnes sits down with Junto’s founder, Raman Chadha, to discuss his path to becoming the leader he is today and what he learned along the way.


Interview with Infutor’s CTO on The Sean and Thomas Show

In this recent podcast, John Barnes talks about his journey in the industry and offers insight into life as a tech leader.


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