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Infutor CMO Dave Dague Appointed to LeadsCouncil Board of Directors

Consumer identity management expert Infutor has announced that its Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dague has been appointed to the board of directors of LeadsCouncil, the main independent association for the online lead generation industry.

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Infutor Marketing Stack Featured in Chiefmartec

Infutor's award submission for The Stackies visualizes the different marketing tools the company uses and how they all fit together.

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BDEX Partners with Infutor for Post-Cookie ID Tool

Using Infutor's Total Mobile Ad ID solution, BDEX is providing its brand, retail and agency customers with access to digital identity data.

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Infutor Stackie Awards Submission Featured in Martech Today

Infutor's entry visualizes how its marketing technology tools and platforms are connected within its martech ecosystem and adds another layer of detail by differentiating its more manual tools from the automation tools.

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Infutor Solution Extends Digital Reach as Marketers Shift Away from Cookies

Infutor's Total Mobile Ad ID Solutions helps companies link anonymous digital identities to first-party data to improve audience segmentation, personalization and onboarding rates.

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Personalizing Communication Without Getting Too Personal

Infutor CEO Gary Walter offers insight into how brands can reach buyers through personalized, highly relevant communication without getting too personal.

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BDEX Data Exchange Partners with Infutor for Early Access to Total Mobile Ad ID Solution

As marketers look for cookie-less ways to identify customers in a privacy-compliant manner, consumer identity management expert Infutor has announced that leading data exchange BDEX has early access to its Total Mobile Ad ID Solution.

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Infutor CEO Interview with Lead Generation World

Gary Walter talks with Michael Ferree from Lead Generation World on how Infutor is helping brands improve their marketing efforts. The CEO also offers insight into what the future holds for consumer data.

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The Importance of Relating to the Buyer

Michelle Tilton, VP of marketing at Infutor, offers advice on how B2B marketers can develop business-specific strategies to turn prospects into buyers.

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Navigating the Media Spend, Reach and Engage Landscape

Infutor CEO Gary Walter shares three key areas of focus for media success including linking and resolving first-party data, understanding and executing personalization in the wake of privacy regulations and combating ad fraud.

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Insights That Will Shape the Customer Experience and Data Privacy Landscape in 2020

Infutor CEO Gary Walter shares his 2020 predictions on how data science and data privacy will converge into a workable solution for marketers, consumers and regulators.

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Customer Data First: This is How Brands Can Maximize Digital Retention

We sat down with Infutor's Vice President of Product Management for a quick Q&A session to discuss how brands can maximize their digital retention efforts by putting their focus on the consumers.

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