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Fueling the Most Advanced Personalization, Segmentation and Analytics Initiatives

The benefits of better targeting are clear. Engagement, customer experience, brand loyalty, conversion rates improve when marketers execute a personalized targeting strategy. However, most brands simply don’t know enough about their consumers to deliver relevant 1:1 communications.

Effective segmentation requires accurate and complete consumer identity data with rich attributes such as demographics, psychographics, online and mobile behaviors, buying propensities, purchase history and more. With Infutor’s consumer insights, marketers as well as the platforms they leverage are empowered to truly understand the consumers they engage with.

To drive powerful personalized efforts, Infutor offers its unparalleled Total Consumer Insights to enable marketers to achieve higher conversion rates and ROI, and data science teams to fuel analytics and data modeling initiatives that optimize performance, generate higher conversions, and reduce spend.

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Leverage Unmatched Consumer Insights

Total Consumer Insights is the most comprehensive collection of U.S. consumer shopper data available. Featuring 266 million persistent individual IDs and 120 million households, Total Consumer Insights leverages Infutor’s industry leading consumer TrueSource™ Identity Graph consisting of demographic and location data (lat/long coordinates, including geolevel precision assignments), offline contact markers, Connex segmentation clusters, and census data.

Total Consumer Insights is available as a standalone on-premise solution, or via real-time API, that can be anonymized for brands and platforms looking to improve segmentation and activation without onboarding personally identifiable information (PII).

Reach and convert more customers and prospects by creating highly targeted segments, personalized messaging and driving analytics and data modeling through the power of Total Consumer Insights

Truthset Accuracy Results

Truthset, an independent third-party, measures the accuracy of consumer demographic data providers and Infutor is continually identified as a market leader.

Winner MarTech Breakthrough Award

Total Consumer Insights was selected the winner of the “Best Contact Database Solution” award in the MarTech Breakthrough Awards

Total Consumer Insights Enables

  • Improved personalization for customer acquisition, retention and loyalty through improved demographic attributes, including MarketShare and Consumer Passion Index data.
  • Advanced audience segmentation and look-alike targeting strategies with Connex Clusters that work as a highly predictive signal in models or as a standalone segmentation system.
  • Audience activation across the scope of omnichannel campaigns for consistent messaging wherever you consumers engage.
  • Premium analytics and data modeling fueled by the most comprehensive collection of U.S. consumer shopper data on the market.
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Key Advantages

  • Infutor’s industry-leading TrueSource™ Identity Graph features 266 million persistent individual IDs with more unique attributes per person, 120 million households and hundreds of segmentation clusters.
  • Original source compiler that goes directly to authoritative sources to collect an unrivaled amount of accurate, permissibly obtained offline and online consumer data.
  • State-of-the-art cloud-based identity resolution engine empowers better linking of individual records and highly accurate household data.
  • Offline contact points such as names, addresses and phones include additional intelligence such as “address confirmed as deliverable for mail”, “phone number is on the Federal Do Not Call list”, and more.
  • Anonymized PII and synthetic keys allow for personalized consumer experiences without exposing personally identifiable information.
  • Unparalleled breadth of profile attributes and identity markers linked to persistent IDs, all available via this one solution.
  • Decades of expertise leveraged in the compilation of robust solutions and strong intelligence models.

In addition to core demographic data such as age, gender, income, marital status, and presence of children, you’ll get:

Residential info

  • Length of residence
  • Homeowner or renter
  • Dwelling type
  • Market value of house

Family information

  • Marital status
  • Single parent
  • Number of people in household
  • Language spoken
  • Presence and number of children

Financial information

  • Household income
  • Wealth score

Census Data

  • 27 key census fields (age, 8-digit date of birth, gender, ethnicity, race, and more)

Behavioral / Lifestyle

  • MarketShare Demographics (Transactional / Purchase-Based)
  • Consumer Passion Indexes (Signals Reflecting Probable Interests)
  • Connex Clusters (Segmentation Clusters – household, messaging, generation, lifestage)
  • Connex Targets (Purchase Propensities)


  • Make, model, year
  • Vehicle class
  • Style, fuel, mileage codes
  • Purchase date
  • Affinity make and style
  • In Market New and Used


  • General Property
  • Property Attributes
  • Assessor/ Deed Info
  • Mortgage Info
  • Automated Valuation Model
  • Home Equity


  • Up to 5 per individual
  • Email confidence codes high and medium levels
  • Email validation codes: Clean emails, recently verified, do not email


  • Up to 3 per individual
  • Phone confidence codes for high and medium levels
  • Phone types: wireless, private landline and private VOIP

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