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Infutor’s Data Enhancement and Appending Services Expand Reach and Drive Smarter Marketing by Painting a Full Consumer Picture

Adding consumer identity markers and intelligence increases contactability and engagement from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Which of your customers are investors or donate to charity? Who is likely to be in the market for a new car or home, as well as insurance — and what is their purchasing power?

Infutor’s data enrichment services fill gaps in consumer data records so any brand can drive smarter marketing that leads to better conversions, ROI, and lifetime value. And by adding crucial identity markers, you’ll increase omnichannel reach (email, phone, digital and direct mail) and improve consumer contactability, ensuring your relevant messages are successfully delivered to the right audience.

Even with fractional identity data — as little as a single identifier (name, physical address, phone number, email) — Infutor returns permissibly obtained and multi-sourced data appends and data enrichment from our massive consumer TrueSource™ Identity Graph. Available through our on-demand real-time API or batch services, Infutor’s Identity Data Enrichment Appends deliver identity markers and key demographic and lifestyle attributes, painting a complete picture of your customers.

Leverage our data enhancement services to gain comprehensive data and intelligence for expanded contactability, audience segmentation and personalized engagement, as well as data modeling and analytics to refine your outreach strategy.

Identity Data Enrichment Appends put actionable identity data and consumer intelligence at the fingertips of your marketing and data science teams

Email ID Append and Reverse Email Append

Email data is key to significantly extending marketing reach and powering identity resolution. We will run a permission pass on all matched records and append your database with email addresses, as well as information on those who opted out. You can also provide an email address for your digital consumers and receive name and physical address data, along with additional demographic and behavioral attributes for data enrichment.

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Phone ID Append and Reverse Phone Append

Phone numbers are powerful identity markers that enable identity resolution and help drive call-routing and personalization. Provide a name and address for consumers in your CRM and receive one or multiple phone numbers, along with specific phone-related attributes (mobile/landline). You can also provide a phone number (mobile, landline, public, private or VoIP), and receive the owner’s name and address, plus optional phone and consumer attributes.

Learn more about our Phone ID Append and Reverse Phone Append Solutions

Demographic Profile Data Append

One-size-fits-all marketing is a thing of the past. Leverage key consumer behavioral and lifestyle information to drive improved segmentation, personalization, real-time messaging, modeling, profiling and customer retention initiatives.

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Property Profile Data Append

Property data is a strong indicator of a consumer’s propensity to buy products such as financial services, insurance, and home services. Provide an address to empower your marketing with privacy-friendly consumer intelligence that delivers 360-degree view of a property and its owner for personalized messaging, risk mitigation, and verification solutions.

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Automotive Profile Data Append and Reverse VIN Data Append

Reach known auto owners with relevant messaging at the right time by identifying their specific vehicle attributes. Provide a name or address and receive vehicle make, model, year and demographic information for targeted customer acquisition or personalized trade-in campaigns. You can also identify the current owners of a specific vehicle for trade-in offers and targeted customer acquisition campaigns. Give us the VIN numbers and we will return auto owner name, address, vehicle attributes and demographics.

Learn more about our Automotive Profile Data Enhancement Services

Connex Segmentation Cluster Data Append

Segment consumers by thousands of unique lifestyle attributes such as age and income, psychographic data including behaviors or lifestyles, and media usage, to enable a better focus on the best-performing prospect segments. Infutor leverages fractional data to paint a complete picture of consumers and identify your highest value customers.

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Drive Highly Targeted Campaigns with Infutor’s Identity Data Enrichment Appends

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