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Identity: The Constant During the CDP Evolution

To keep pace with competition, your CDP must unlock the power of brands’ first-party data and deliver the third-party consumer data that fills in the gaps.


Identity in a Post-Cookie World

Listen to Infutor’s Chief Technology Officer, John Barnes, and Vice President of Product, Brian Burke, as they discuss the value of acquiring and blending offline insights with digital identities to help drive omnichannel success.


Five Things to Look for in a Data Analytics Partner

With data being the fuel that helps analytics teams anticipate consumer behaviors, Infutor discusses what to look for in a third-party data provider to ensure brands are making the best decision for their data science initiatives.

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Consumer Identity Data: Your Universal Solution

Your best customers buy more products and buy them more often. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you overcome the most common challenges in finding and converting more of them.


LeadsCouncil and Infutor Present:
The Ultimate Guide to Lead Buying

To help businesses navigate the lead buying process from beginning to end, the independent LeadsCouncil in tandem with Infutor gathered lead buyers, sellers, and industry leaders to create the definitive lead buying handbook.


Infutor CEO Interview with Lead Generation World

Gary Walter talks with Michael Ferree from Lead Generation World on how Infutor is helping brands improve their marketing efforts. The CEO also offers insight into what the future holds for consumer data.

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Providing Real Value in Personalization

In this white paper, Infutor discusses why the most impactful personalization doesn’t come from just knowing who a customer is but rather from knowing what they want and also shows how brands can provide value right away.


Messaging During a Crisis: Technology and Marketing Leaders Share Insights

Recently, we spoke with leaders across different industries to share their recommendations on best practices for communicating with clients and prospects as organizations are settling into the new normal and many are re-thinking their approach to marketing.


Is Your Brand Prepared to Maintain Success?

With an increase in consumers spending more time at home over the next few weeks, Infutor has put together recommendations for understanding, reaching and converting as many consumers as possible during this unprecedented time.

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Empathy Puts Brands in Position to Succeed Now and in the Future

For most consumers, travel bans and office closures will lead to a hike in online activity. On the other hand, feelings of anxiety will be peppered in as social-isolation fatigue, uncertain work conditions, and other stressors loom.


Are Brands Prepared to Maintain Success Amid a New Wave of Online, Call Center Activity?

Here are recommendations on best practices that marketers can leverage to understand, reach and convert as many consumers as possible during this time of increased online and call traffic.


This is What We Learned at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview

AdExchanger’s Industry Preview took place in New York City and saw the current and next wave of industry leaders forecast the developments, trends and innovation that will shape the industry in 2020 and beyond.


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