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When and How Marketing Became MarTech and a Subspecialty of Data Science? With Marty Kihn of Salesforce

Marty Kihn, the SVP Strategy Marketing Cloud at Salesforce, discusses the changes in the marketing field over the last 20 years and the role of AI and machine learning in the MarTech field.


How to Turn Your Passion Into Career With Julian Zilberbrand of ViacomCBS

Every job is a learning opportunity. Even if you are not earning enough, the experience you’ll gain will pay off eventually. Dreams come true, and even if it’s hard to believe, you can earn money and be in love with...


Conquering the Complexities of Identity Resolution

Companies accustomed to building campaigns around first-party data find themselves with more missing pieces and fewer insights. A situation growing more challenging with the changing identity landscape.


Using Predictive Data to Help Patients Get Healthier with Derek Rucker

Co-founder and board member of Carrot Health, Derek Rucker, talks about healthcare, data science, the value of predictive data, and the impact of privacy on Healthcare Marketing.


For CRM Marketers Who Obsess Over Customer Lifetime Value: Data and Platform Usage Matter

Infutor had the pleasure of attending the recent CRMC tradeshow and presented with Amperity. Here are some of the insights discussed.


238% Growth In Retailer’s Customer Engagement

A Fortune-25 Specialty Retailer wanted to improve the customer experience on their mobile app to know their consumers better, personalize their experience, and proactively recommend products.

Case Studies

Email Addresses will Stand the Identifier Test of Time

Today, as third-party cookies and device identifiers are driven away by browser changes and privacy laws, the email address remains the most stable and platform-independent identifier.


An Independent Assessor’s Quest for Data Integrity

Scott McKinely, founder and CEO of Truthset, believes the next significant shift in the data landscape is accuracy over scale, and he has set out to establish the industry standard for data accuracy.


Get Your [Consumer Data] House in Order with Jess Simpson of Publicis Media

Jess Simpson, Senior VP of Verified Tech and Identity at Publicis Media, shares her predictions regarding the future of consumer data.


Discussing Early-Stage Investing in Marketing and Media Technologies with Eric Franchi

MathCapital Partner, Eric Franchi, talks about the key ingredients to success in venture capital. He explains the process of choosing winning startups and the importance of finding highly driven founders.


H2O LIVE: Democratizing AI with AI Apps

Infutor joins the panel at H2O Live! Tune in to learn more about's philosophy behind AI App Stores and how they are empowering the world to build their own.


Building Scalable Data Acquisition Strategies from the Co-Founder and CTO of Explorium, Mr. Omer Har

Finding the right data and integrating it into your decision-making is crucial for any enterprise to create a competitive advantage.