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Choosing Between Scale and Accuracy

How Infutor’s consumer identity management expertise addresses three prominent healthcare marketing challenges to solve the choice between scale and accuracy.


Infutor and LeadsCouncil Present
The Complete Guide to Lead Buying

To help businesses navigate the lead buying process from beginning to end, the independent LeadsCouncil in tandem with Infutor gathered lead buyers, sellers, and industry leaders to create the definitive lead buying handbook.


Providing Real Value in Personalization

In this white paper, Infutor discusses why the most impactful personalization doesn’t come from just knowing who a customer is but rather from knowing what they want and also shows how brands can provide value right away.


The Division of Segmentation

A recent Forrester report with a special introduction by Infutor offers an in-depth explanation of the differences between the two types of segmentation and the different approaches that Customer Insights pros can take to maximize the impact.

Featured In  –  Whitepapers

Now is the Time to Focus On Your Identity Graph

Infutor’s latest whitepaper explores what an identity graph is, the development and operational considerations when implementing one and how it can power your marketing.


A Vision of Marketing
in 2020

View our recent white paper to learn more about what the experts at Infutor see in store for marketing in 2020 and beyond.


This is How Financial Services Marketers Reach Leads First

Infutor’s guide to financial services lead generation explores how marketers can reach the best leads first.


The Secrets to Identity Resolution

This whitepaper explores how top brands are resolving identity and personalizing engagements during the key moments in the customer journey.


Success Through Segmentation

Gain an understanding of what market segmentation is and how marketers can drive higher conversion rates and ROI by grouping audiences.


The Lead Generator's Handbook

Gain an understanding on how identity resolution processes enable businesses to reach top prospects faster and drive more conversions.


The Reported Death of Email Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Learn how marketers complete and enhance consumer records with emails to scale campaigns and improve overall business strategies.


You probably didn't know this residential data existed

Infutor’s new whitepaper presents five powerful use cases on how historical residential data drives growth for B2C Enterprises.


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