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Identity Authentication: Your First Line of Defense Against Fraud

Seemingly every day, evolving technology brings new and more sophisticated tools to enable fraud and access consumer information. According to the FTC, they received 2.2 million reports of fraud in 2020 alone with consumers reportedly losing more than $3.3 billion.

Brands need equally advanced tools more than ever to protect themselves by gaining confidence in the identity of consumers they’re interacting with. Identity authentication using powerful consumer identity data is the first step to stopping fraud in its tracks and mitigating risk.

Infutor’s ID Authenticate provides on-demand identity verification and scoring to protect your brand

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Infutor Powers Identity Authentication

Infutor’s ID Authenticate provides the intelligence you need to know who is on the other end of every transaction. With as little as a single inbound identifier (such as phone, email address, name or physical address), Infutor’s on-demand ID Authenticate instantly verifies, scores and enriches a consumer’s identity profile so you can make informed decisions about whom to trust and when to take a closer look.

ID Authenticate leverages the power of our massive TrueSource™ Identity Graph — featuring 266 million consumers with 97.5 million daily updates.

We match core data elements for identity authentication including:

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Social Security Number

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Date of Birth

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Phone Numbers

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IP Address

Score the Reliability of Each Identity

With ID Authenticate, you’ll receive a total identity authentication score based on a 100-point scale, along with scores for each data element provided. We measure accuracy among data linkages and even flag “deceased” accounts, foreign IP addresses and more. The higher the score, the more reliable the information — and the lower your risk.

Use ID Authenticate to streamline your manual review processes, save on high-cost verification inquiries, and mitigate risks to consumers, and your bottom-line.


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Beyond Identity Authentication

Your ID Authenticate scores also include actionable attribute data to segment your inbound inquiries and keep up with consumer changes including demographics, location, lifestyle, interests, buying behavior and power, home and vehicle details, phone ownership.

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Infutor takes every necessary step to ensure that its data is secure

Simple, Secure and Privacy-Compliant

Through an on-demand API, ID Authenticate integrates with any Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, online submission form or email platform, so it’s easy to add frontline protection to your risk mitigation initiatives. View our API documentation to see how easy you can integrate our powerful identity authentication solution.

For maximum security and compliance, our data resides in independent redundant co-location facilities with systems secured by keycard and biometric access controls.

These facilities are fully secured by badge entry and 24/7 video surveillance, and they comply with SAS70/SSAE16 certification requirements.

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Why Authenticate and Score Identities?


Prevalent Fraud Risk
Losses associated with fraud – $1.9 billion in 2019. (


Data Changes
The average number of people that change their address per year


Data Changes
Number of new addresses that are added annually


Data Changes
Number of people who change their phone number in a year

Learn how Infutor helps mitigate risk and fraud through inbound identity authentication

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