Committed to
Security and Compliance

At Infutor, safeguarding business and consumer information is a top priority. We have an entire team of security specialists focused on data protection, led by the former CIO of TransUnion.

Flexibility is another Infutor priority: We adapt to specific customer security requirements as needed.

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Among our unwavering efforts to deliver the highest degree of data security:

  • We maintain data in multiple independent and redundant facilities — all fully secured and compliant with SSAE 16 certification requirements.
  • Our data protection standards comply with GLB, FCRA and DPPA regulations.
  • Third-party attorneys conduct annual audits to ensure we obtain data legally and in compliance with all privacy legislation.
  • We continually review and update our formalized Information Security Program.
  • All Infutor employees and agents must acknowledge and adhere to Security Awareness Program Requirements.

Questions about our data security?
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