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Snowflake’s Data Marketplace sets a new standard for low-cost, high-speed data transfers. Compared to traditional transfer methods, Snowflake’s cloud-based model dramatically reduces friction, improves security and accelerates speed to market.

Infutor joined the Marketplace in 2020 to give Snowflake users instant access to the most authoritative consumer identity data available. A simple “click to request” through your Snowflake account connects you to Infutor’s files for sampling or on-premise data licensing.

View Infutor’s datasets in Snowflake

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The world’s largest brands trust, and work with, Snowflake and its Data Marketplace, which features 375+ live, updated, ready-to-query data sets from premier third-party providers like Infutor. Unlike ETL, API and FTP/S3 transfers, the Snowflake Data Marketplace connects users to privacy-compliant data with customizable options and no delays at a low cost.

If you have a Snowflake account, you’re just moments away from licensing entire datasets to host on-site and empower your team with limitless possibilities for marketing, modeling, risk mitigation and more. View Infutor’s datasets now and request free samples or access them directly from your Snowflake account.

View Infutor’s datasets in Snowflake

Available Infutor Datasets

Through Snowflake, Infutor offers several popular datasets, all with continuous verification and updating. These include:

Total Consumer Insights

  • Profiles of every adult individual and household in the U.S.
  • Hundreds of demographic and behavioral signals

Total Demographic Profiles

  • Permissibly obtained, multi-sourced demographic data for 260 million consumers and 130 million U.S. households
  • Includes geographic, income, marital and education data, financial indicators, interest propensities and more

Total Automotive Profiles

  • Powerful mix of deterministic auto and consumer data, including owner attributes
  • 200 million+ car owner records

Total Mobile Ad IDs

  • 1 billion+ privacy-compliant, permissibly obtained hashed email identities
  • 95 million+ unique mobile ad IDs (MAIDS)
  • 3.5 billion+ unique MAID/hash pairs with corresponding metadata at an individual level

Total Property Profiles

  • Coverage of 99% of U.S. properties in over 3,000 counties
  • Up to 200 property attributes per record combined with owner insights

Total Property Profiles + Placekeys

  • Easier linking to your database through standard identifiers added for physical places

Other on-premise data files are available upon request

Invaluable Insights, Available Instantly
View available datasets in Snowflake Data Marketplace

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