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Verify, Complete, Enrich for 360 Degrees of Consumer Identity Data

At the core of each consumer is an identity — an identity that goes beyond name, age, address and demographic information.

Countless pieces of data like lifestyle preferences, interests, and even propensities to make a purchase, come together to complete the picture that defines a true consumer identity.

Just as identity is at the core of each consumer — it should also be at the core of your brand. It should inform every contact point you have with a lead or customer, and drive each inbound or outbound marketing decision you make.

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Partnering with a consumer identity expert

Understand who you’re in contact with at any given moment and gain the data-driven advantage that you need to build successful, personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns that maximize ROI and minimize risk.

Infutor empowers marketers through solutions that provide a 360-degree view of consumers from the first interaction and throughout their life journey. Our solutions are powered by an unmatched TrueSource™ Identity Graph that combines 30-plus years of historical, permissibly obtained consumer data with hundreds of unique, hard-to-find data assets, updated daily with 97.5 million transactions.

Here’s how our consumer identity solutions will benefit your brand:

Lead Scoring and Verification:
Better Consumer Data, More Confidence

Infutor’s ID Ver instantly scores and verifies inbound leads, while offering the ability to add intelligence so you can anticipate consumer’s desires and needs, segment customers, and refine in-moment personalization. With ID Ver lead scoring and verification, you will be able to identify your most promising leads and efficiently guide them to the right representatives in real-time to create a seamless experience for your consumers.

Learn more about lead scoring and verification with ID Ver

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Identity and Lead Completion:
Maximum Consumer Insight

With as little as a single identifier (name, physical address, landline and mobile phones, or email addresses), ID Max instantly offers identity and lead completion by delivering multiple email addresses and phone numbers for each inbound consumer to improve form conversion rates, lead quality and lead attribution.

ID Max also delivers key consumer attribute and lifestyle information (hobbies, pet ownership, travel preferences, and much more) to provide you with insights to drive identity resolution as well as boost your audience segmentation and personalization. You can even access unparalleled predictive intelligence insights such as in-market auto, wealth indicators, and Connex segmentation clusters to identify your high-propensity customers.

Learn more about identity and lead completion with ID Max

Identity Data Enrichment:
Phone and Email Expanded

Infutor’s Email ID and Phone ID append solutions enhance your marketing reach by providing you with the key missing pieces of consumer identity data. Instantly turn a name and email address into one or multiple phone numbers. Turn a phone number into the owner’s name and address. Whichever you need, we will provide identity data enrichment for complete omnichannel targeting, including email, phone, digital and direct mail.

Learn more about identity data enrichment

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Data Cleansing and Hygiene:
Optimize CRM Data

Infutor’s CRM FreshLink data cleansing and data hygiene tool was built to combat data decay and maximize the power of your CRM by cleansing and linking your consumer data. Going beyond simple maintenance, CRM FreshLink scores and completes identities while providing add-ons to unlock powerful new insights and capabilities that drive personalization and segmentation capabilities previously not possible.

“One-and-done” data hygiene programs let data quickly decay — about 30% of a given brand’s consumer data is incomplete or outdated at any given time. CRM FreshLink’s scheduled updates ensure that your data remains accurate and up-to-date.

Learn more about data cleansing and hygiene with CRM FreshLink

Find out how Infutor can help you master consumer identity management

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