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On Demand Consumer Identity Completion and Enhancement

Each consumer takes a unique journey in interacting with your brand. From the point of inbound engagement to conversion and retention, a better knowledge and deeper understanding of consumer identity data will help you more effectively guide each journey.

With as little as a single identifier (name, physical address, landline and mobile phones, or email addresses), Infutor’s ID Max provides identity and lead completion for consumers who engage with your brand. This powerful solution enables lead enrichment, improved lead value, better segmentation and personalization, and increased marketing reach to improve lead conversions.

Whether it’s an online form fill, inbound call center lead, an email, or a refresh of your CRM, ID Max provides the consumer identity resolution needed to drive the most effective inbound and outbound marketing initiatives.

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Data Completion and
Scoring Consumer Identities

Infutor’s TrueSource™ Identity Graph features 266 million consumers and 97.5 million daily updates. ID Max leverages this unmatched graph to provide up to three email addresses and up to three phone numbers on each inbound lead using as little as a single identifier (name, address, phone, or email). These identity markers improve marketing reach, form conversion rates, lead quality and lead attribution.

In addition to identity completion, ID Max Plus adds identity scoring and consumer identity verification by providing a score from 0 to 100 that shows the accuracy of the data submitted. You’ll be confident knowing that you’re giving your most valuable leads and customers the best experience, while also maximizing ROI and customer lifetime value.

How Does Identifying Consumers Help Grow Your Business?

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Unmatched Consumer Identity Data

By adding demographic, auto, property and phone attributes to each consumer identity, you’ll get key insights to drive identity resolution as well as boost your audience segmentation and personalization. ID Max enriches the consumer experience with an unmatched set of identity markers and intelligence, while maximizing conversions, providing relevant offers at the moment of engagement, and improving customer lifetime value.

With ID Max, you’ll even have access to unparalleled attributes to perform analytics and modeling. And our predictive intelligence insights such as in-market auto, wealth and lifestyle indicators, and Connex Segmentation Clusters allow you to identify your high-propensity customers, reducing acquisition marketing costs and driving increased ROI.

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How ID Max Improves Lead Handling and Conversions

  • Optimize Inbound Engagement: Immediately identify inbound consumers and provide customized and relevant offers, personalized to their preferences and lifestyle changes. Prioritize and route customers to the right representatives to provide the best experience, while saving time and increasing ROI.
  • Create Segmented and Personalized Engagements: Improve outbound customer engagements with more personalized campaigns to maximize marketing conversions.
  • Improve Attribution: Increase your opportunity to attribute leads by identifying updated or new points-of-contact for existing customers, like alternate email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Enhance CRM Accuracy and Increase Marketing Scale: Maintain higher omnichannel touchpoints and consistently keep pace with your changing consumers to improve customer experience, maximize lifetime value, and reduce churn.

When you fail to recognize a customer, you risk providing a poor customer experience and miss opportunities to enhance and expand your relationship

ID Max Key Features

  • Consumer Identity Management Experts: Infutor is the expert in Consumer Identity Management, 100% focused on delivering the most current and accurate and permissibly obtained consumer identity data, available on-demand
  • 97.5 million Daily Updates: Infutor maintains an expansive data network, leveraging 97.5 million daily updates across our master TrueSource™ Identity Graph of 266 million consumers
  • Complete Profiles: As the premier consumer identity data provider, Infutor enables you to complete an entire consumer profile, including identity, scoring, attributes and intelligence, on-demand, to significantly improve the value and engagement of your leads
  • Access Through Our Real-Time API: Complete access to full identity completion on-demand, in real-time. This powerful platform integrates with virtually any internal system, supercharging your identity resolution efforts. View our real-time API documentation to see how easy you can start your integration
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