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Verify, Score, Unlock Instant Insight Into Your Best Inbound Leads

Consumers make decisions in an instant, and brands must be just as fast. On both sides of a transaction, these first impressions make all the difference.

With ID Ver, Infutor delivers lead scoring and verification that ensures your brand is instantly able to identify and engage with top leads before the competition.. ID Ver also provides the consumer intelligence needed to create the best real-time personalized experience for your current and future customers.


Lead Scoring from Zero to 100 in Under a Second

ID Ver leverages Infutor’s massive TrueSource™ Identity Graph of more than 266 million consumers and 97.5 million daily updates to instantly validate and assign a score to all inbound inquiries. The higher the ID verification score, the more accurate the identity information. And more accurate data means more confidence that you’re giving the most valuable leads and customers the best experience in order to maximize ROI and customer lifetime value.

ID Ver provides a customizable total lead verification score from 0 to 100. It also provides individual scores for each data element and our scoring model methodology with factors such as incorrect phone data or mismatched name and address. You’ll even receive validity scores for each permissibly obtained identity marker (name, physical address, landline and mobile phones, or email addresses). And you’ll get scores for the linkage between input identity markers to show the accuracy and currency of your inbound lead data.

A lead score is more than a number —
it’s a level of confidence.

An on-demand API, ID Ver easily integrates with any IVR, online submission form or email platform, creating a seamless exchange of data for your lead scoring initiatives.

Lead Scoring and Much More

Along with inbound lead scoring and verification, ID Ver offers predictive intelligence that empowers marketers to anticipate consumers’ desires and needs. Add demographic, buying power, housing details, auto, and phone attributes to qualify, prioritize, and segment your leads. This will advance your people-based marketing and refine in-moment personalization strategies.

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ID Ver features lifestyle indicators (hobbies, pet ownership, travel preferences, and more), and enhanced demographic and property attributes that will drive analytics and data modeling. Unparalleled predictive intelligence insights such as in-market auto, wealth indicators, and Connex segmentation clusters allow you to identify your high-propensity customers. This reduces your acquisition marketing costs and drives up ROI.

ID Ver also offers complete access to identity scoring on-demand, in real-time. This powerful platform integrates with virtually any internal system, supercharging your lead scoring and verification efforts. View our real-time API documentation to see how easy you can start your integration.

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headshots of various consumers
When personalization is too personal whitepaper

Read Infutor’s Speed to Lead White Paper

Lead generators are racing to qualify inbound leads with the greatest likelihood of conversion. Too often, though, they run into costly speed bumps. These come in the form of missing, false and inaccurate consumer data or poor email or phone verification.

Lead generators are discovering the value of teaming with consumer identity management partners for lead verification services. By doing so, they’re able to accurately verify, complete, score and augment their inbound and outbound leads.

Consumer identity management is fueled by trusted, linked data including name, address, phone data, mobile, and email addresses. The right partner can dramatically increase speed to lead and speed to dial. They can even level the playing field for smaller lead generators through lead scoring, phone number verification and much more.

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