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Achieve Personalized Marketing in an Anonymous Digital World

Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs), hashed email addresses, and IP addresses create an anonymous online experience for users. However, behind each of these identifiers is a consumer that ultimately makes decisions. And when marketers are equipped with the right consumer identity data and intelligence, they gain an understanding of the consumer.

Lifestages, buying propensities, motivations, and more are what define the choices an individual makes along their buyer’s journey. By knowing everything possible about anonymous consumers, marketers are able to customize each experience with their brand based on the customer’s specific needs.

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Tailored Messaging for Anonymous Consumers

With Infutor’s Digital Personalization solution, marketers leverage anonymous digital identities to optimize digital campaigns with essential offline attributes that shed light on your consumers’ needs and preferences.

Leverage powerful consumer identity data and intelligence such as age, home ownership, automobile attributes, wealth indicators, marital status, gender and even Connex Segmentation Clusters to segment audiences in a privacy compliant and anonymous way. Audience segmentation through Digital Personalization allows you to drive tailored digital messaging and custom offers that resonate with consumers without the need for knowing or storing personally identifiable information (PII).

Create relevant messaging that resonates with anonymous consumers through our Digital Personalization solution

Key advantages:

  • Infutor’s industry-leading TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph of 495+ million MAIDs, 200 million resting IP addresses, and roughly 1 billion hashed emails (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256) with over 3.5 billion MAID / hashed email / IP address pairings allows us to match and resolve digital consumer identities, enabling you to maximize digital reach and scale
  • Key deterministic offline attributes from our TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph drive actionable intelligence and analytics for segmentation and personalization
  • Infutor empowers true omnichannel marketing by providing data that customers use across all digital and social platforms enabling a seamless user experience across all devices
  • On-demand API offers real-time functionality, enabling brands to reach consumers at critical points in their purchase process. View our API documentation to see how easy you can begin your integration
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Understand the Consumer Behind the Anonymous Device with Digital Personalization

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