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Create Custom Audiences, Find More Top Converting Consumers with New Movers Marketplace

Being the first to reach new movers is among the easiest ways to gain consumer loyalty. And with over 30 million people moving each year according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there is ample opportunity for brands to establish strong relationships early.

These new movers spend over $150 billion annually on products and services in the months following their move. Infutor’s New Movers Marketplace empowers marketers to capture more of these dollars by building highly targeted audiences with customizable criteria. With our new movers database, marketers can quickly create custom and lookalike audiences of their best-performing consumers to drive ROI and conversions by being the first to knock at the door.

Locate your highest propensity consumers and more who look like them with Infutor’s New Movers Marketplace

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Unpack Robust New Mover Data

Infutor’s New Movers Marketplace is built from our massive TrueSource™ Identity Graph and powerful consumer attribute data. New Movers Marketplace algorithmically identifies prospects based on robust relocation data from high confidence sources.

This consumer intelligence is your key to better segmentation and omnichannel acquisition campaigns based on attributes such as recent moves, geographic location, move distance, move date, and more.

New Movers Marketplace Advantages

  • Comprehensive, permissibly obtained and multi-sourced New Mover data, updated daily and thoroughly validated, empowers targeting to known new movers and lookalikes
  • Rich data sources that include both transactional and self-reported new movers and are available with numerous consumer attributes
  • Dynamic database consisting of hundreds of millions of names and more than a billion historical address records

Key Mover Attributes

  • Move date
  • Move distance
  • Mover type
  • Process Date
  • Verified New Mover

Build highly targeted new mover audiences to reach and engage top converters and lookalikes

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