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Placekey Now Available for Snowflake

Zora Senat, VP of Partnerships at Infutor, discusses the value that the consumer identity management experts see with the integration of Placekey and Snowflake.

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Fast-Tracking the Data Onboarding Process

Learn how Infutor is leveraging Placekey and Snowflake to extend data interoperability in order to resolve disparate address information into the same entity.


Wallace Finance Selects Infutor Consumer Identity Data to Boost Digital Marketing

Wallace Finance has selected Infutor’s consumer identity data to improve consumer identification and extend their digital reach.

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Infutor Data Helps Bridg Further Enable Consumer Identification

Infutor's data will enhance the Bridg platform in helping brands identify, understand and engage unknown in-store customers.

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Bridg Partners with Infutor to Extend Digital Reach

With data from Infutor’s digital solutions suite, Bridg will improve on its already market leading identity resolution capabilities.

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Bridg Adds Infutor Consumer Identity Data to its Enterprise Brick-and-Mortar-Focused Platform

Bridg, the first Customer Data Platform purpose-built for enterprise brick-and-mortar brands and CPGs, has selected Infutor’s digital consumer identity data to improve consumer identification and extend digital reach.

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Data Trends for 2021: Overcoming Digital Ad Uncertainty

Infutor COO Kevin Dean discusses the trends marketers must focus on in order to survive and thrive heading into 2021.

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H2R Market Research, Infutor Partner to Power Research for Post-Covid Marketing Strategy

H2R Market Research, a premier marketing research firm, selects Infutor to help enable end-to-end market analysis for industries adapting to the current and post-covid marketing landscape.

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Powering Your CDP with Identity Resolution

Infutor CEO discusses how the most effective CDPs lean into identity resolution to clean, link and verify customer data.

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Infutor Ranks #9 on Adweek Fastest Growing 10 Top Solution Providers

With brand marketers’ increasing need for identity resolution and first party data enablement solutions, Infutor ranks #9 among Adweek’s Fastest Growing 10 top solution providers.

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A Deeper Dive: How Smart Brands Get the Most from Data

How smart brands get the most from 1st-, 3rd-party data. Infutor and Amperity answer questions on how consumer data can be leveraged to better connect with customers.

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Click Laboratory’s Lumentis Platform Levels Playing Field for SMBs through Infutor Partnership

Click Laboratory has integrated ID Max, Infutor's on-demand identity resolution solution, with their data marketing platform to increase the reach of omnichannel campaigns.

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