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On-Premise Data Licensing: Our Database. Your Site. Your Solutions.

When inspiration strikes, make sure you have the data to back it up. Leverage the full breadth and depth of Infutor’s unrivaled phone, consumer history and email databases, and much more to power your brand’s unique marketing solutions. By hosting these data files on-site, you’ll put limitless analytics and data science possibilities at your team’s fingertips — at every moment.

License entire datasets to create solutions across your enterprise:

  • Personalize your marketing
  • Enhance real-time interactions
  • Fuel modeling and analytics
  • Boost customer acquisition and retention
  • Enhance fraud prevention and risk mitigation
  • Improve collection efforts

Infutor’s on-premise data licensing option puts your brand in complete control of our database with 24/7 access to our consumer identity management data

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Total Phone ID:
Power in Numbers — and Data

Instantly access the industry’s most comprehensive and validated phone number database, including public phones, private landlines, business lines, residential numbers, mobile phones, and VoIP lines. With Infutor phone data, you’ll have a powerful marketing tool to drive identity resolution or enable consumer identification and verification for your call center.

Learn more about our Total Phone ID database

Total Email ID:
Send the Right Message with Email Data

Access the names, email addresses and postal addresses of individuals who have opted in to online offers. Leverage our email database for digital audience building, email acquisition campaigns, social and programmatic campaigns, and inbound lead verification. You can even fuel identity resolution with our highly validated information.

Learn more about our Total Email ID database

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Total Mobile Ad IDs:
Drive Digital Identity Resolution

Our total Mobile Ad IDs database links roughly 1 billion privacy-compliant and permissibly obtained hashed email identities with 495+ million digital devices and over 3.5 billion MAID/hashed email pairs. This robust database powers omnichannel marketing, improves onboarding, and enables resolution of digital consumer identities while keeping PII secure.

Learn more about our Total Mobile Ad ID database

Total Demographic Profiles:
Truly Understand Your Consumers

Our file provides rich consumer demographic data and lifestyle attributes that empower you to know your consumers’ wants and needs, powering personalized marketing initiatives as well as analytics and segmentation.

Learn more about our Total Demographic Profiles

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Total Consumer History:
Decades of Consumer Data in One File

Our key consumer identification attributes span more than 30+ years of rich consumer history. Use this robust historical consumer data to power your research, fraud, risk, identity authentication and identity verification solutions.

Learn more about our Total Consumer History database

Total Automotive Profiles:
Auto Data that Drives Campaign Success

Our premier consumer auto data file of known auto owners includes make, model, year and VIN information. This powerful automotive data drives acquisition, trade-in and conquest campaigns. We only add ownership records to the file after they are validated by two sources, ensuring accuracy across our entire auto database.

Learn more about our Total Automotive Profiles database

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Total Property Profiles:
Building Brands with Property Data

Our property data set covers 99% of all commercial and residential properties nationwide and includes up to 200 additional real estate data attributes. It’s an invaluable resource for insurance verification, real estate prospecting, market analytics, data modeling and more.

Learn more about our Total Property Profiles database

National Spatial Reference File:
Address Your Location Needs

Our National Spatial Reference File contains nearly 360 million primary, secondary, USPS, non-USPS, and alias addresses including the majority of non-postal addresses, to help you more precisely identify consumer locations or reach addresses that are invisible to USPS.

Learn more about our National Spatial Reference File database

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Total Research Education:
The Foundation of Academic Analysis

Our Total Research Education solution provides property, housing, demographic, and automotive data to drive unique pursuits and empower researchers and projects across entire institutions. This data plays a critical role in understanding and improving an array of societal issues including rent control, political policies, natural disasters and pandemics.

Learn more about our Total Research Education database

Learn more about how Infutor’s on-premise identity databases enable you to drive key marketing initiatives and improve analytics

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