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Go Beyond the Map with Infutor’s Geo-Spatial Data, Geographic Location Intelligence

Location intelligence goes far beyond mapping the distance between point A and point B. It transforms geo-spatial data into a rich tapestry of insight, helping resolve business challenges that span from location planning and customer acquisition to risk mitigation.

The Infutor National Spatial Reference File provides the most comprehensive foundation of spatial data available, including an unmatched listing of validated, multi-sourced addresses and hyper-precise geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude), allowing for deep location-based analysis and decision making.

Our geo-spatial data is available as an on-premise data license, giving you full control to host and access our National Spatial Reference File on-site. Ongoing updates are provided on a scheduled basis to keep your location intelligence file up-to-date.

aerial neighborhood
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Single family dwelling
Sq Ft: 4300
Lat: 37.713377
Long: -122.439068

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Multi family – 8 units
Sq Ft: 3250
Lat: 37.699753
Long: -122.439500

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Multi family – 12 units
Sq Ft: 2400
Lat: 37.703664
Long: -122.468512

Infutor’s Geo-spatial Data Enables You to:

  • Leverage location data to find hard to reach and unique United States addresses
  • Build Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial data products, implement geocoding or point-based mapping, or conduct global web mapping
  • Enable more precise mobile analytics and attribution
  • Produce risk analysis for natural disasters, customer saturation and market planning
  • Improve accuracy of retail and residential location coordinates
  • Identify individual units with multi-unit or multi-building parcels to better understand the building distribution within a parcel
  • Free up engineering resources for higher value tasks
  • Collapse your supply chain for location data providers to save money on supply costs

Infutor’s National Spatial Reference File is the most comprehensive collection of addresses and geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) in the U.S.

Why Infutor is the Leader in Geo-spatial Data:

  • The Infutor National Spatial Reference File is the most comprehensive collection of addresses and geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) in the U.S.
  • Our spatial data contains nearly 360 million primary, secondary, USPS, non-USPS, and alias addresses including the majority of non-postal addresses, helping you more precisely identify consumer locations or reach addresses that are invisible to USPS
  • Our geo-spatial data features the most precise latitude and longitude coordinates available at building and sub-building accuracy levels allowing you to view multiple addresses within a single building structure
  • Link geo-spatial assets to other data assets to create a “spatial identity” to better understand location and building characteristics
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Key Data Elements

  • U.S. Addresses
  • Secondary addresses (such as apartment or suite number)
  • Address confidence (scores certainty of address)
  • Latitude and longitude
  • GeoPrecision indicator (scores precision of latitude and longitude)
  • Residential/Business use indicators
  • FIPS
  • Vintage location data

Learn more about how the Infutor Spatial Reference File delivers the most comprehensive foundation of geo-spatial data available

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