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Leverage email data to drive more scale to digital marketing campaigns

There are reasons marketers agree that “the reported death of email has been greatly exaggerated.” Email addresses are an incredibly valuable digital identity marker.

Email is one of the key pieces of information needed to tie together disparate pieces of a consumer’s digital identity. With email data, you can identify inbound consumers, scale outbound digital marketing campaigns, improve programmatic strategies and digital and social engagement, and drive marketing campaign attribution.

Infutor’s Total Email ID provides the email database needed to deliver targeted, personalized messaging across digital marketing channels

Delivering the industry’s most comprehensive email database

We combine our consumer identity analytics process with a mix of highly authoritative email data sources. Total Email ID is available as an on-premise email data license. This gives you full control to host and access our email addresses on-site, with ongoing updates provided on a scheduled basis. Flexible licensing terms let you activate Infutor’s email database across digital channels to improve engagement and demonstrate greater attribution.

Infutor’s Total Email ID Enables You to:

Extend First-Party Digital Identity Data Across More Digital Marketing Channels

Infutor’s email database features multiple email addresses per consumer. This rich email data will increase your likelihood of finding and engaging consumers throughout more channels. Improve audience scale, reaching more of your most valuable consumers with consistent omnichannel messaging.

Resolve Known and Anonymous Digital Identities to Build Complete Profiles

Total Email ID’s email addresses serve as the identifiers required for effective digital identity resolution. By leveraging our known consumer identifiers (multiple email addresses, name, address, and phone numbers), you can link duplicate and disparate consumer records into a single profile. This drives effective omnichannel segmentation and personalization strategies.

Maximize Inbound Consumer Engagement

Email data is the foundational link from an online form submission to a complete consumer identity. By resolving disparate email addresses to a single digital consumer identity, you can enable real-time inbound lead verification, scoring, completion and prioritization. This empowers customer service and sales teams to provide consistent, relevant messaging, improving engagement and conversions.

Enable More Accurate Digital Marketing Attribution

Our email database provides up to 10 email addresses and hashed email addresses per person. This rich email database fuels identity resolution, so you can link a visitor back to their customer profile — even when the provided email differs from the initial engagement email. Multiple email identity markers provide an effective way to increase attribution without increasing spend.

The Advantage of Infutor’s Email Addresses:

Why do the most sophisticated data companies in the world turn to Infutor to power their products?

Our identity analytics process. Infutor’s email database undergoes intense cleansing, verification and linking processes. We know how to transform disparate data into authoritative digital consumer identities to vastly improve your digital marketing scale, improve consumer engagement, and enable attribution.

Process to Validate Our Email Database

  • Receive monthly feeds from high-confidence email data sources
  • Cleanse and parse name/address data using proprietary tables and algorithms
  • Validate against our TrueSource™ Identity Graph
  • Enrich with known identity markers (name, physical address, landline and mobile phones, or email addresses)
  • Apply confidence scores
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Death of email whitepaper

Read Infutor’s Email Data White Paper

Some marketing technology pundits have prematurely penned the obituary of the use and utility of email in marketing campaigns, claiming it’s oversaturated and just outdated when compared to social, programmatic and mobile channels. In truth, email data is more viable and vital than ever — but for an entirely different purpose than communicating with customers and leads.

Email addresses are perhaps the most valuable digital identity markers — it’s the key information needed to identify a consumer and tie together disparate pieces of a consumer’s identity.

Download to learn more about email as an identity marker.

Key Email Data Elements

  • Email addresses with deliverability score
    (up to 10 per identity)
  • Hashed emails: SHA1, SHA2 and MD5
  • Mailing address
  • Phone
  • Opt-in URL
  • Interests
  • First seen date
  • Last seen date
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • IP address

Learn how Infutor’s Total Email ID email database improves outbound digital scale and omnichannel marketing campaigns

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