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Clean Data for Strong Connections

The ever-changing dynamics of America’s population can make it difficult to track customers and maintain relationships. As data continues to change at a rapid pace, the data quality in your CRM declines continuously. But Infutor makes it easy to maintain high data quality through our complete data cleansing services.

Our data cleansing and normalization solutions keep your consumer information pristine. Powered by our massive Identity Graph and specialized matching algorithms, our data cleansing services ensure you maintain the most complete name, address and telephone information.

We’ve compiled years’ worth of historical consumer data and developed the highest quality, largest information source to maintain customer databases.
It’s ready to work for you.

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Data, Ready to Go.
Securely send us your CRM or prospect data and we’ll return the most accurate, up-to-date records to inform your marketing and customer retention initiatives.

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Name: Jon Smith
Phone: (555) 555-1234
Address: 123 Main St.

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Name: Maria Smith
Phone: (555) 555-8523
Address: 15 W Elm Dr.

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Name: James Johnson
Mobile: (555) 555-5647
Landline: 100 South Ave

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Name: Johnathon Smith
Phone: (555) 555-1234
Address: 400 Uptown Rd.

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Name: Maria Garcia
Phone: (555) 555-8523
Address: 15 Western Dr.

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Name: James Johnson
Mobile: (555) 555-7642
Landline: 100 South Ave

Our data hygiene services include:

  • Name parsing and CASS-certified™ address standardization and updating
  • NCOA standard file updates processed against 12- and 48-month databases to capture more potential moves and improve data quality
  • Proprietary Occupancy-Level Address Correction, which improves data quality by updating typographical errors, misinterpreted mistakes, incomplete addresses, apartment and zip info errors, and street name issues
  • Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) processing, which accounts for the increasing number of people who do not submit NCOA forms by capturing moves through alternative, authoritative sources
  • Date of birth and date of death data to guard against fraud and enhance age-based targeting

The Infutor Data Cleansing Difference: Persistent Identification

To continuously track and update data, Infutor assigns a Persistent Identification number (PID) to every contact in our master Identity Graph. If certain contacts appear more than once with conflicting information, links across our datasets determine what’s accurate.

We then assign PIDs to your updated data. These reveal connections at the address, household and individual level so you have a complete picture of all relationships.

PIDs also enable seamless, positive inbound customer experiences. Your representatives will instantly have access to vital data about consumers and helpful details about their previous engagements.

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Learn how Infutor can help you cleanse and normalize identities to maximize CRM accuracy and scale

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