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Infutor Auto Data Appends Drive Relevant Messaging, Increase Marketing ROI

In order to convert car shoppers, automotive marketers must be able to both identify high-potential in-market consumers and stay top-of-mind until the consumer is ready to engage with their brand. Marketers must also provide relevant messaging in order to resonate with these consumers.

With Infutor Automotive Data Appends, reach known auto owners with relevant messaging at the right time by identifying their specific vehicle attributes. Provide a name or address for consumers in your CRM and we’ll return robust, permissibly obtained and multi-sourced auto data through our on-demand real-time API or batch services. Our consumer auto data file includes vehicle make, model, year and demographic information for targeted acquisition or personalized trade-in campaigns.

Marketers can also learn the current owner of a specific vehicle by simply providing a VIN number. With a VIN number, we will return the owner’s name, address, vehicle attributes and demographic data to drive targeted and relevant conquest and trade-in campaigns.

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Automotive Data Appends return key auto data attributes so you can engage consumers during the critical buying time

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Infutor’s Auto Data Overview:

  • Infutor’s auto owner data includes nearly 200 million vehicle owner records, verified by at least two sources for maximum accuracy
  • Auto data is matched to Infutor’s robust TrueSource™ Identity Graph for validation and verification. A Persistent ID, Household ID, and demographic data are added to each record to enable precision targeting
  • Our auto profiles are built from hundreds of secure and privacy-compliant transactional auto data sources including sales and service data, automobile warranty data sources, aftermarket repair/maintenance facilities, auto warranty notification and scheduled maintenance records
  • Available via batch for bulk processing and through our on-demand real-time API. View our real-time API documentation now to see how easy you can begin your integration to access our industry leading auto data

Key Automotive Data Elements

Vehicle Identity

  • Auto make
  • Model
  • Year
  • VIN
  • First seen date
  • Last seen date

Auto Owner’s Identity

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Vehicle Attributes

  • Vehicle class code
    (crossover, SUV, full-size, mid-size, small)
  • Fuel code
    (gas, flex, hybrid)
  • Manufacturer code
    (antique, high-end import)
  • Style
    (sport, pickup, utility, sedan)
  • Mileage

Consumer Attributes

  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Children
  • Homeownership
  • Home value
  • Length of residence
  • Number of vehicles per household

Infutor Automotive Data Appends drive ROI and conversions by helping marketers reach known auto owners with relevant messaging at the right time

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