238% Growth In Retailer’s Customer Engagement

A Fortune-25 Specialty Retailer's journey to personalize its in-app experience with attribute data

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A Fortune-25 Specialty Retailer wanted to improve the customer engagement in its mobile app

This retailer, already rated best-in-class for its mobile app (Forrester Research) knew the competition wouldn’t sit still. Understanding consumer expectations are ever-increasing, the retailer wanted to build a process to feed insights into its mobile experience to meet those expectations with relevant offers.

Goals for the initiative:

And as brand marketers know, personalizing a shopping experience for each user is difficult when very few, if any, are willing to share enough information to meaningfully personalize the experience for them.

Download the case study to learn how Infutor helped this specialty retailer achieve its goals and an impressive 238% growth in in-app engagement.

Specialty retailer case study

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