5 Keys to More Precise Consumer Modeling

Mastering the Art of Data Science with both Historical Data and Current Insights

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Analytics and modeling require a foundation of core consumer identity data, such as name, address, phone and email. But with the sheer amount of information coming from a variety of touch points into multiple siloed databases within one company, the ability to predict future behaviors and purchases becomes severely hindered.

By implementing an identity resolution strategy, you can begin breaking down barriers to complete, normalize, continuously update and link varied forms of identities. Furthermore, you can gain access to identity attributes which enable you to enhance customer profiles. By choosing a consumer identity management expert who delivers both deterministic and probabilistic data, data scientists can develop accurate predictive and look-alike models.

Download our tip sheet, “5 Keys to More Precise Consumer Modeling” for key insights into how an identity resolution data partner can help your business master the art of data science

Keys to more precise consumer modeling tip sheet

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