Data Law, Security Experts Discuss Omnichannel, Privacy in 2021

What brands, publishers, martech providers need to know about omnichannel marketing and privacy in 2021

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Big changes are coming in the world of omnichannel marketing and data privacy, and organizations in every industry are beginning to execute their post third-party cookie digital strategies. And while no one knows the full impact of the deprecation of cookies, every outcome has a common denominator: the importance of first-party data.

So, how should your organization prepare itself from the deprecation of cookies, alternative identifiers, and privacy initiatives?

In this session, Infutor’s CISO, Len Lombardo, and Ken Dreifach, an ad tech and e-commerce lawyer at ZwillGen, discuss how brands, martech providers, publishers, and advertisers can navigate the evolving omnichannel marketing and privacy landscape, including the legal considerations. Watch this webinar and learn:

    • Which technologies will emerge after the third-party cookie falls apart
    • How to neutralize threats to rapidly growing CRMs such as data decay and incomplete data
    • The data tools and protocols for managing and linking more complex data groups
    • Legal considerations for organizations collecting more first-party information
    • Key questions to ask your data provider about omnichannel marketing in 2021
  • Omnichannel Marketing and Privacy in 2021

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