Personalization vs. Privacy: Finding Balance Amid a Perceived Tug of War

Learn what digital marketers must do to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

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Consumers are more conscious — and conscientious — of data privacy than ever. However, they still overwhelmingly desire personalized experiences when interacting with brands. The challenge for digital marketers: providing relevant 1:1 experiences while embracing rapidly evolving consumer privacy legislation.

However, while privacy and personalization might seem at odds, brands and marketers can strike a balance in ensuring compliance while creating relevant messaging all along the buyer’s journey and across all channels.

In this session, Infutor Data Solutions’ Jason Ford, vice president of partnership development, and Yoni Friedman, director of product, general manager, Amperity DataGrid at Amperity discuss what digital marketers must do to survive and thrive—all while continually improving customer experience—in a rapidly changing landscape.

Personalization vs. Privacy webinar

Access our free webinar recording to learn what digital marketers must do in order to survive and thrive through a rapidly changing landscape

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