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Increase marketing reach and find lookalike prospect audiences with Infutor’s Marketplaces via QueryFlex

How do you reach more targeted prospects while expanding your marketing reach? Leveraging our self-serve marketplace platform, QueryFlex, you can target prospects by a number of geographic and demographic criteria, including premium predictive indicators to get you closest to the prospects most likely to convert.

Marketplaces via QueryFlex enables you to build custom and look-alike audiences to expand the reach and effectiveness of your omnichannel marketing campaigns.

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Marketplaces via QueryFlex Advantages:

  • Target new prospects by key industry, demographic and geographic criteria to build segmented omnichannel marketing campaigns
  • Refine audiences to maximize targeting efforts on high-propensity consumers through our elite in-market and GeoCredit predictive indicators
  • Expand and test lookalike audiences to find missing and new market segments

ReachSmart Digital ID
through Marketplaces via QueryFlex

Expand your Marketplace audience through Infutor’s ReachSmart Digital ID. Through Marketplaces via QueryFlex, ReachSmart Digital ID will include up to 10 email addresses per consumer identity, so you realize maximum match potential for your social media and digital display marketing campaigns.

The more addresses you have per consumer, the greater your ability to reach more of your premium audiences. Immediately, you can deploy new campaigns across social and digital channels without wasting money on unqualified leads.

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Available Marketplaces

Consumer Demographic Marketplace:

Reach consumers by specific demographics or lifestyle behaviors to provide more personal, targeted marketing offers.

New Connect Premium Marketplace:

Target consumers who have recently reported a new or disconnected phone line to Directory Assistance.

Auto Marketplace:

Target known automotive owners by VIN, make, model, and year through multiple channels including email, digital, social and direct marketing campaigns.

Auto In-Market Premium Predictive Indicator:

Target high-propensity automotive shoppers through our elite (non-browser) in-market predictive indicators built through known historical purchase data and several key online and offline behavioral indicators.

Property Marketplace:

Reach property owners based on specific geographic or property characteristics to build better segments and provide more targeted marketing offers.

New Mover Premium Marketplace:

Reach consumers who have recently moved based on geographic location, move distance, move date and more.

Business Marketplace:

Market your offers to business prospects based on key business characteristics such as company size, contact title, SIC code and more.

New Business Premium Marketplace:

Reach newly opened businesses including hard to identify businesses such as small office and home office locations.

Bankruptcy Premium Marketplace:

Identify individuals who have recently declared or have been discharged from bankruptcy to improve targeting or suppression for marketing campaigns.

GeoCredit Score Premium Predictive Indicator:

Within Marketplaces via QueryFlex, you can further target offers based on GeoCredit Score, a zip-4 model that correlates with a consumers credit worthiness score.

Reach new and lookalike prospect audiences with Infutor’s Identity Marketplaces via QueryFlex

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